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    Sorry these pic’s and trip report are from early season and not quite current, I’ve just learned how to put pictures up here (I think).
    Anyhow, we started our season in early November

    with a good 3′ of cold smoke

    which means pow faces to had by all

    So we thought we’d hike up another/larger run the next day, even though the ground was still warm in these early season conditions…causing these guys/glide cracks

    But who can stop on a bluebird day with fresh pow

    …and mountain scenes like this

    Well…don’t let beautiful days and mountains fool ya, there are dormant dragons out there! and they look like this when they wake up!!!

    So here’s our story. 4 of us hiked up to “check out the scene” knowing full well snowpack was nominal at best. But at the top there were 4 tracks from the previous day, 4 wiggle-butt skier tracks at that. You know, the ones that hammer the snow with every turn. So we judged the snow conditions by these skiers tracks and disregarded digging a pit of our own.
    The first person of our party did a ski-cut jumping his way across the mountain top and then dropped in and took some turns until he took a header and kartwheeled a few times until regaining himself and skiing the rest of the way down. Skier #2 also did a ski-cut and then pointed down making some beautiful pow turns…Until he turned towards a small rib 3/4 of the way down the run and WHUMP!!! The whole mountainside came down. A good 3′ crown down to the ground. About 65 to 100 feet across and 1500 long… The Whole Mountainside! Our friend got onto the little rib and out of the way. The last 2 of us, still on top, HIKED back down. Not a scratch on anyone. It was a good day.
    Welcome to Alaska boys![/img][/url]

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    Haven’t put up any TRs here lately for it’s been kinda sketchy out up here in AK. But I got out last week on a mellow reconnaissance run and checked on this line:

    Some other things came up between then and now, I’ll post those later, and so I haven’t been able to get to this line until now. 4/20!!!

    So here’s the new crew/guinea pigs I’ve rounded up for this journey…Gwoodshred and sneeky jesus

    For those of you who have been up here to the great white land of the north, you might know this area and these signs:

    …yeh yeh yeh. Thanks for the warning, Duh.

    Looking across the way at our first Real Warning:

    Oh well, that’s there and we’re here. Time to switch to boot splitting mode.

    and keep on trekking up the ridge

    …corniced ridge that is

    Then I hear sneeky jesus yell “Avalanche!…on both sides of you”. It seems as though Gwoodshred “remotely” triggered slides on both the North

    and South sides of him

    The North slope ripped to within 3 feet of Gwoodshred, and the South ripped 30-40 feet down from him. I wish I had photos of everyone’s eyes at this point, it would be humorous I’m sure. I suggested we move on to our intended run/goal and gather ourselves there. My new crew/guinea pigs reluctantly followed (ha ha, fools!). We got to the intended line and this is what it looked like.

    OOOOHHH sweet goodness :drool:
    …but we decided against it for there was a hanging field of wind loaded sun baking snow above the run (and we just kicked off not 1 but 2 avalanches 5 minutes ago) 🙁

    nice view though

    making our retreat with tails between our legs

    and deciding to ride the shoulder above the ‘lanche we just created…you know, in the “hangfire”. ha ha…suckers!

    Holy good powder though!

    and fresh debris, not too bad sneeky jesus sais

    Some “lightning” shots from down below

    Yeh!!! We rode that sh*t! Not our intended line, but it’s always good to live to do it again another day.

    and it’s all behind us now

    …Welcome to Alaska Boys!!! :mrgreen:

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    ]No whoomping or immediate warnings before that stuff slid. Here’s a few different views of the incident:

    That other avy:

    Needless to say I had a big grin on my face all day. That was the first avalanche I’ve ever witnessed, and definitely an awesome sight. Better to see it from up top than below your feet for sure.

    Knowing there was good snow to be had, and thanks to D-Green for showing me the way, I went back out there with my roommate today, with hopes of doing this slightly more mellow line.
    Oh wait those are rocks. Instead we opted for a chute into the bowl that avyed.

    And the pow was good.

    A nice summary of two days worth of damage:

    Definitely good stuff in these parts.


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