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    With the lack of precipitation in the Sierra and a changing work schedule, I’ve been getting pretty antsy to chase some semblance of snow. While going stir crazy and living vicariously through IG images I came across some images of some friends hitting up TC couloir. I quickly hit up Kyle @Shrdnar and Ryan to see if we could move TC to the top off the list. After checking everyone’s schedules we gave the trip a green light. With the Ruby’s picking up aprox 8″ leading up to the weekend stoke was running high.

    The day before we were supposed to leave Kyle broke the news that his FJ was in the shop with rear end issues and he may have to pull the plug. With Kyle coming from SLC, the trip was also a good excuse to link up. Now that he may be out Ryan started second guessing the 8-hour drive from the Bay Area. The trip was quickly unraveling. Lucky for all of us Kyle sweet-talked the dealership into giving him a loaner he could smash to the Ruby’s in.

    On the drive out we saw some thermal/hot spring activity so we decided to look for a hot spring to break up the drive. We read about Kyle Hot Springs which was near Mill City off of Hwy 80. After 10+ gravel and dirt miles my Subi was not too happy with me. We found it only to discover that the main concrete tub (aprox 110 degrees) was in major need of a cleaning. A second above ground plastic tub was setup downstream but some turds took it upon them selves to bust holes in it. There was no soaking but the views were mighty nice!

    Supposedly Kyle Hot Spring was once a mineral bath resort offering lodging, hot baths, and steam treatments.

    Old stone house ruins.

    Once Ryan and I arrived we spied on the coulie and began to set up camp. We ended up camping right in the lot.

    I awoke in the middle of the night to a F250 diesel swinging doughnuts at the opposite end of the parking lot. I started thinking maybe the parking lot was not the best place to camp…
    The view that greeted us as we toured down Lamoille Canyon.

    As TC comes into view, the distance plays games with your eyes. It looks much narrower and much steeper.

    Kyle skinning as far as we could which was not too far…

    I brought my Verts but never did bust them out. The snow was perfect for booting.

    Ryan getting ready to drop

    Kyle “hands up” on the “Split Licker”

    POV shot from the GoPro

    While we did not have a great POW day I was just happy to score this line in safe, stable, and soft conditions. This line is one of the most picturesque lines I’ve seen and the lack of snow gave the walls that much more height and impact.

    So pumped to score this line with my buds!


    Nice, good work Colin! I’m done with this west coast drought and about to hit the road soon as well. Thanks for the stoke!


    Good stuff Cbalke! Way to seek out other options and still make things happen during yet another dry spell in CA. Funny about that guy doing donuts. Same thing happened to me last time I was camping by myself at Lassen. Group of kids doing donuts in the parking lot surprised and woke me up around midnight. My tent and I were out of harms way, but thought for sure they were going to hit my car. Luckily they didn’t, although one of them destroyed his bumper by crashing into the snowbank. They called it quits after that and left thank goodness lol.


    Nice pictures too btw. That thing looks freaking narrow!


    Hell yes! What a fun trip. The stoke is always high when you’re finally standing on the top of a line you’ve been looking at for years. It was awesome to be in the hallway with walls that high and decent snow for the way down.

    And to think, the only casualty was my right touring glove which suffered a rather large burn hole in the thumb while stoking the fire Friday night. Hey, at least I can unlock my iPhone using the fingerprint ID thing now!

    Nice write-up Colin! We need to get back there in the spring and explore the rest of the Rubys!


    Holymoly, what a beauty couloir. The first photos of it look insane. Super to see the shots of y’all up in there in great conditions. Hot springs look great, did you hit that again on the way out?


    @Jefe009 Thanks bud! Good luck chasing the whiteness. Sounds like Idaho, Wyoming, Utah and Colorado are winning. I’m diggin the posts and images of the peeps who are grinding to get it. Always cool to see Seth Lightcap’s scouring the nooks and crannies of the Sierra.

    Haha..the trucks lights kept lighting up my tent as he spun around. I’m not too sure how close he got to us but I just accepted my fate. It was in the teens outside so getting out of my bag was not an option….

    we need to check out this other coulie Ryan and I read about. I need to get some more info on it.

    The pics don’t even do it justice man. If I had not seen so many videos and pictures of it I would have thought it was impossible from a distance. We only stopped at the spring on the way out. There was a bunch of gunk in the concrete tub and the plastic tub (not shown) was busted up. We were bummed we didn’t get a chance to soak. Might be a good idea to hit up the one in black rock desert.


    Sick writeup, Colin. Glad you guys enjoyed the line. After reading this I am tempted to try again some point this spring. There is a ton of good stuff back in there. I would love to spend a weekend getting a few lines there.


    @Snowvols Thanks man! You said you need some retribution. Do It!! We were talking about possibly heading back out that way in the spring. I read that there is a similar line off of hwy 229.?. You would have to give us a head start so you don’t dust us so bad though.. haha


    Colin keep me in the loop for a spring trip


    Whats the angle on that? It looks very steep from far away, but not too steep in the close ups. I want some


    @snowvols Will do Logan!

    it’s consistently in the mid to low 30 degree range. There are probably a couple parts in the 40’s though.


    Very cool.


    COOL line for sure!
    nice work getting something!

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