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    So I’m new to sparks only been out on them about 4 times, but I’m already a true believer. My question is: Is the comfort provided by the optional baseplate padding worth the extra weight.

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    Hey Peacefrog,
    Glad to hear you’re a true believer! Thanks for your biz. FYI a pair of pads weighs 2.1 oz (60 gm).

    Have a good one,

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    I found they increased retention of snow/ice beside my boot, so I ripped them off…don’t really notice a big difference comfort wise. YMMV

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    I thought last year my feet were a bit sore after riding all day, not sure if it was crappy socks or a worn out boot either. I’m not seeing the pads on the sparks site. Are they still available? Did anyone else just get some gel or foam and fabricate their own?

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    Hey guys,
    We do have the padding material in stock, and can whip them up if you want. Drop an email at if you’d like a set.


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