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    Odd to abandon crampon compatibility. Seems like a penalty in function not worth the weight improvement. The Arcteryx boot is looking interesting.



    i think they will come out with a technical climbing worthy tech toe crampon system that will go along with the boot. at least thats the speculation.

    version 3 phantoms? tech toe pins for the downhill possible?

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    I think Dynafit is evolving away from the needs of our paltry and (to them) irrelevant splitboard market. Seems like they’re aiming for more casual backcountry powder skiers (not mountaineers) who are most of their market.

    I’d be worried that the lateral twisting of my back foot would exceed what a ski toe pin binding or boot could withstand. I think I would twist right out, destroying one, the other or both. I’d feel safer with a burly synching strap.

    To prevent that, you’d need deeper holes and longer stronger pins, which the industry won’t make for us. –> Back to a burly bail like phantom makes.

    One-footed binding explosions are the thing of nightmares (which I’ve survived too many times)…


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    Giving the number of folks I know that rock the TLT for ice climbing I’m shocked that this is the direction ‘forward’ that Dynafit is taking.

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    Interesting. I could see this design working for dynafit. You could could still rock semi-automatic crampons which are pretty darn solid. Bummer for splitters though.

    From dynafit’s perspective why put a toe welt on their lighter boots?


    so i hear they will still be making the tlt6 mountain,

    and adding the tlt7 expedition and tlt7 performance. cutting a bunch of other boots from their lineup.

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    I’m pretty sure that’s a fake.

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    The post got taken down, anyone have a screen grab of the purported TLT7?

    knuckle dragger

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    I guess we should know pretty soon since OR is this week. I’ve been hearing rumors of a hardboot that is being developed with splitters in mind but I don’t know more than that. Besides, the Arc’teryx looks promising and I just got my Backlands and they feel soft enough to ride without mods but I’ll save a verdict on that until after I get a chance to try them.

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    New wildsnow blog about em’

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    The Wildsnow team flies to to Greece for the Dynafit release… Those fancy jokers sure do burn a lot of jet fuel in the name of backcountry skiing. Hopefully there will some pow left over for everyone else in the wake of their massive globe-warming jet exhaust expenditures.


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    It’s funny how many people are starting to catch on and get vocal about mountain athletes/celebrities/journalists that give attention to global climate change at the same time they are flying around the globe. I had a good conversation with Lucas Debari about exactly that topic in the fall and have been excited to see him more active in the home range and on the split so far this winter. I’m sure he’ll still take some big trips but I know he has a conscience about it.

    And it looks like I was wrong about it being a fake.

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