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    Hey there guys,I know there are a lot of people using the tlt6 these days and I was wondering if I am a one off. I have noticed that the bottom of my liners has been ripping due to the small ridge in the plastic under the toes in shell as well I have many holes in the fabric of the liner through the sole of my foot from walking in the boots, I has thinking about throwing some duct tape on the liners or in the shells has anyone had these same issues and come up with an easy solustion? boots have been used about 40 days. the holes don’t go through the liner just into the first layer of fabric on the soles of the liner
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    That’s normal. Put some gorilla or duct tape on the shell itself on the spot having issues. They normally give you little circles of gorilla tape as is for this same issue. Do it sooner than later so you don’t blow out your liner earlier.

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    Only have 10 or so days on my 6s so far, but I got about 80 or so days out of my TLT5 liners before they were completely toast. I ended up getting a set of Intuition liners to get me through last season. YMMV…

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    Which inner boot do you guys have CR or CL? My CR:s are quite fine after about 40 days, but In the end I didn´t tour that much on them last season.

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