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    I just got a pair of the TLT Mountain CR boots and am contemplating returning them. My heel comes up when I lean forward onto my toes, even when I lace up the liners in the boot. I’m wondering if this is just a liner issue and if I replace the liner, maybe this will be taken care of. Or, if it’s because the TLT6 is a 2 buckle boot and maybe a 3 buckle boot, like the Scarpa Spirit, will hold down my heel much better.

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    Any decent boot fitter should be able to take care of heel slippage. If you haven’t already had your liners heat molded, that is very highly recommended.

    If you already had them in to a boot fitter and this is still an issue, take em back and ask for further assistance. Assuming you have the proper size and the boot is generally a decent match for your foot this shouldn’t be a big issue.

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    Just noticed this post. This is an issue for a boot fitter to solve, or, maybe you bought your boots too big. No matter what you have to get your liners molded for sure.

    Additionally, there is one other thing which is a good mod for snowboarders to consider with this boot: I like to move the buckle on the lower shell back, about .5″. To do this one drills out the rivet, and drills a new hole in the lower shell, and then use a screw river to mount the buckle in the more rearward location. This mod results in more heel hold, but be careful, and do all of the above (get the liner properly molded, and the boot fitting perfectly) before considering this mod. You can also fill the old hole with epoxy to keep the shell sealed, just make sure to rough up the surface and get it really clean (use denatured alcohol) before filling with epoxy.

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    I don’t understand why more ski boots don’t have lower heel strap locations like your mod @Barrows. Is heel lift not a issue for skiers?
    Genius mod!

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    Love your tip, Barrows. Not too long after the original post I went back to Backcountry and tried on other boots as well. The TLT6s just seemed more compact than others and fit better than some others. The rest should be ok with the liner molded.

    I was still wondering about the heel lift, thinking the lower buckle was fairly far forward to lock down the heel; seems like your mod would certainly take care of that – one that I’ll consider.

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