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    I am planning to upgrade the tip and tail clips on my Carbon Solution. Looking at both the new Spark R&D Tip & Tail Clips as well as the new Karakoram Tip Locks.
    Any experiences or thoughts on either one (or both)?

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    love the spark tip/tail clips. had lots of icing with my rear voile clip but my front Spark clip worked flawlessly. Great design.

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    I work at Karakoram, so take what I say knowing that I’m a part of the team that developed the TipLock.

    The TipLocks are amazing. They actively clamp the tip/tail of your splitboard together with a significant amount of force. When used in unison with the Ultraclips, the entire splitboard is extremely tight, and absolutely rattle free. The thing that makes our TipLocks better, is purely this ability to actively join together the two halves of your board. You really do notice the increased stiffness, particularly when charging out the bottom of a line in open throttle position, only to smash into avi debris under a few inches of powder. The tip of your board simply behaves like a solid board: There’s no blowing out of the tip clip, ever.

    Just my 2 cents. -Russman

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    the tiplocks look sick. Just bought a Jones board and was hoping they would be on the board.

    I’m assuming they are currently only aftermarket.

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