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    Anyone else have an issue with the Voile Tip clip (or tail) shaking undone when riding? It seems to happen all the time for me. When I first got the board it was snug but after much love its gotten all loosey goosey. My friend has the same problem.

    Besides a little duct tape, is there a more permanent solution?

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    How old are they or how many days has the board been used?

    They can loosen after lots of use. You can order new ones, you just need to drill out the old rivet and add a new one.

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    I bought mine in october, it was a Demo board at the Prior Shop… i’ve put umm something like 30-35 days on it this season…

    my friend bought his used, one season old, and has put maybe 15 days on it this season…

    lots of use like a season? or 5 years?

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    I have a new prior that wouldn’t stay clipped for more than three turns. Turns out some of their boards were made with the clip and the t-nut too close together. This results in a 2-3mm gap between board halves at the tip, which doesn’t keep enough tension on the clip.

    I first solved this with a small bead of solder on one edge to keep the gap open, or to hold the two board halves apart to keep tension on the clip. The solder was too soft for a long term fix, but an easy, removable test. If it tests out ok, re-do it with something like JB Weld.

    Of course, your problem might be completely different.

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