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    I was up at Tioga this weekend and talked to Ron, the guy who owns/runs the Tioga Pass Resort. I have been talking to him about a splitboard convention at the resort next season. Here are the details. The resort will hold a maximum of 35 people. If we can get 26 people the whole place is ours. So far the whole year is open and available. It will take a lot of work and EARLY FINANCIAL COMMITMENT. It would be about 120 dollars a night. That includes your food (3 meals a day) ,lodging and transportation to the lodge for your gear. If there are less than 26 , we will have to share the lodge with others. So,how many of you out there would be interestd? Anyone from Utha, Wyoming, Colorado, Montana , East Coast,Arizona , or Canada Interested? How bout you guys from Germany? .
    The closest airport would be RENO,Nevada. If this goes, maybe some good people coming from the Tahoe area can pick some splitters up and give them a ride? And maybe I will be looking for some splitters who know the area as guides? ( JimW, BCR, BCD,ect)
    The hard part about getting this together will be commitment early on , we need to reserve the lodge before august to get what time frame we like.
    So, who wants to do the first annual Tioga cornfest? Im thinking some time in april, and it will require a 100 dollar deposite from each person who wants to go.
    I also talked to him about people who want to camp to save money. He said he would work with us, but would want to try to fill the lodge before people start camping out.

    Can we make this a sticky?

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    Ohhhh – that sounds like so much fun!! I’ll commit to that, for sure.

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    @patroller420 wrote:

    Can we make this a sticky?

    You got it mang! 8)

    Sounds like fun, the crux will be (as with any trip “pre-palnned”) the weather and conditions.

    If its a cornfest, I’d ask him what is the latest we can come (I’d vote May over April) and what the availibility is generally like then. To me, it seems like they see most of their traffic during the winter months (powder). If this is the case and its easy to get spots in the spring we wouldnt have to pre-commit to a certain date and run the risk of shitty conditions. We could gauge the current conditions and plan it a few weeks out (better than several months out).

    My .02

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    Yeah, Input . Thats what is all about. We can talk to him about his last week.. Im with you , if we go too early it may not be stable. Bad thing is we wont know what the snowpack will be like

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    @bcrider wrote:

    We could gauge the current conditions and plan it a few weeks out (better than several months out).

    That’s true, in anything that depends on the weather like riding or surfing it is best to have a nimble schedule and just go get it when the getting’s good.

    But the reality of reserving a spot at TPR at all, much less filling it with 26 people from all over the place means that you have to plan well in advance. Let’s face it, you can’t really get that much accuracy in a forecast even 10 days out. I think you just have to pick the date with the highest likelihood of good conditions and adopt that attitude that you’ll have fun even if the conditions are less than stellar. Then, if you luck out and totally score you’re just that much more stoked!

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    Thats true, TPR gets booked fast. Im willing to go for broke. Maybe we can look at snowfall history to see when the snowpack is the deepest/most stable. We went and due to too much snow big lines were left alone. We should shoot for spring ,that way it should have some stability. Maybe we could just put up a calendar and peole can post when they can go( multiple dates) and we can focus when the most people can go.

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    Sign me up, powder or corn. It seems highly unlikely we’d get 26 people on a couple weeks notice though.

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    Not to drop a big, steaming, reality-check turd on the parade here, but I think that realistically it’s going to be next to impossible to get 26 people to commit to this. If you knew what a headache it was just coordinating our 8 person trip, I think you’d agree.

    However, for the sake of argument, let’s assume for the moment that it is possible. 🙂

    I believe they said that last year the last weekend they were open for winter was the first weekend in May, and I think this year they were planning on closing around the same time. Looking back at epic TR’s, it would seem that the best all-around conditions occur from April through when they close, with the earlier side of that scale leaning toward possible good pow but more chances for unstable snow, and latter being more likely stable snow (and weather) but maybe not pow. Before April you’re probably in pow but all bets are off for whether or not the bigger lines will be doable, as happened to us this year. I’d vote for last weekend in April or first weekend in May.

    Then again, earlier in the season could make for some epic pow runs.

    We would be more likely to actually fill up that space if it were a more official splitboard event. For example, if this *were* next year’s actual splitfest, Voile-sponsered, yada yada yada. Last year, splitfest was in Tahoe; this year it was in Utah; so I suppose it is not outside the realm of possibility to consider having it in CA again next year, at TPR. Personally I think it would be kinda cool to do it at TPR in the spring, as it would be yet another different type of conditions/riding from the last couple splitfests. However, it’s a pretty steep cost of entry. After going there this year I think it’s totally worth it, but let’s face it, we’re dirtbags. And it would be a bummer to exclude people who really couldn’t afford the accomodations. Unlike previous splitfests, here there’s no realistic way to camp near the site and still participate in the riding.

    But, this would certainly be an unforgettable experience for anyone who could afford it, particularly the out-of-towners who haven’t experienced the eastern Sierra.

    If we can’t fill out the space, I think it would still be totally fun even with a smaller group. The only difference is whether or not we have the entire place completely to ourselves, which I don’t think is that big a deal. The two-plankers will be scared off by us anyway.

    Oh, and I don’t know WTF I’m doing so you can drop me from that “guide” list… that is, unless you want me to guide you to the better shower at TPR – that I can do. 🙂

    I guess that’s more than $.02 so I’ll shut up now.

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    Again, Input. Lets face it even something like the superbowl takles forward planning. As you pointed out Jim, we dont have to fill the lodge for this to go off. 26 was just the number Ron thew out as far as the whole place. We can have a good time with 2 or 3 people. But as you said, it is a world class place and some people may be willing to throw down that kind of cash, and if people fly in to the area the whole time need not be spent at TPR. However there may be people who want to travel and meet people like we did when we went to Utah. Im hoping the Voile crew and the Neversummer split team starts chimming in here. But, if we can pull it off can you imagine the crew sitting in the main lodge watching your helment cam vids? COOL. As far as guiding, I hope I didnt step on toes, what I mean is just like in Utah we throw paper plates out for tours. Naturally those who have gone the route would start in front , not really guiding just saying ..this is the way. Anyway, just trying to get the ball rolling.

    But as far as myself, Im in … I will guide …and I can co-ordinate. We can pick dates and if its only me and Ecobrad, we will have a hell of a time.. Yeahaw

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    There is also the option of going down to Rock Creek lodge and renting the mosquitio flat cabin and using that as a cooking and warming hut and everyone camping outside. That would invole a 4-5 mile flat skin in. It would mean cooking and boiling water but I think the cabin is set up for all that.

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    I’d drop coin for this.

    Has anyone else been to the K2 Festical? K2 used to throw up @ Baker for their vendors and such. That was the shit. Everyone camped out or got their own RV between folks. Then K2 just put up 2 large party tents. One was for partying and the other was for all the other dirtbags could sleep in. I know this wouldn’t work up here @ TPR do to the lack of space but it was a super kick ass memory so I wanted to add it in. We had the run of Mt. Baker for a week…there was 400 people though, not 26. There was free beer, vodka, and bands every night. ah, the good ole days.

    anyways, I’d be down for this trip for a couple days. 8)

    Like P420 said, I don’t think we should let this fizzle out. Maybe it can’t be the big splitfest but I think we could have heaps of fun even w/ smaller groups.

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    Definately sounds like a good time. I’ve been wanting to get over there forever. If this was going to be the Splitfest for next year instead of Utah, cool. Probably can’t swing both though. You can probably count two of us in, maybe three. I’m good for late April, early May. Maybe suggest changing the name of the thread to something like Splitfest 07′ Options/Suggestions, in order to get more people thinking about it and helping plan. just a thought.

    Rico in AZ
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    TPR sounds like an awesome place for a Splitfest. I will be totally committed for this next season. So here’s my opinion. If I’m payin’ hard cash for runs, my first choice is for powder. Period. And if anyone here saw Steeleman’s TR from January, TPR is the shit. However, after seeing all the TR’s from this spring, a solid snow pack and buttery corn could be really sweet. And that means waiting until May ’07. Could there be two Splitfest’s ’07???

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    I’m way down. Just let me know how to reserve my spot.

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    Hell, I’m interested. I just need the Dates.

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    Now we are getting somewhere. We need a calendar or some way for people to put up what dates they want. wehave a few months, but cant wait tooo long.

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    I think the date is far enough out that most people should have an open schedule. I’ve organized a fair number of Mexico surf trips, etc. in the 10 – 15 person range and from my experience you’ll never be able to find a date that works for everyone by looking at their calanders. You always end up in a situation where Bob can’t make one weekend and Jorje can’t make the other and you have to choose who will be included.

    Instead you have to pick some other criteria for deciding the dates, announce the dates for the trip and then find out who is in.

    I think that we should first settle the powder vs corn question. Powder is powder and we all love that, but there’s a real chance of getting snowed into cabins with a bunch of dudes or having unstable avy conditions. There are much better odds of getting big lines during corn season, but corn ain’t powder. I personally lean toward corn. Powder is best scored with a flexible schedule and an eye toward the weather.

    Once that’s settled, we could consult the weather records and some experts in the area such as Ron from TPR, Sue Burak from the Avy Report, etc to decide on the best weekend for good conditions. Then set the date and ask the question… In or out?

    Just my thoughts…

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    I think you are right. Typical snow pack around the area doesnt allow dropping the big lines in the middle of winter. I vote for corn

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    So is this going to be called the P420 Fest

    Pick a date, give a phone number to reserve a spot, wax your board, ride.

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    Yeah – I think p420 should just pick the dates, if he’s willing. I think the exact dates aren’t so critical in the spring, anyway. Jimw suggested end of April/early May. Maybe burn some incense as an offering…

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