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    Mono County posted that Hwy 108, Sonora pass will be opening April 17th, at noon. They also said that Hwy 120, Tioga Pass will be open from the Lee Vining to the park entrance on April 15th. I’m not sure if they mean all the way to the Yosemite guard shack.

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    Now the fun starts!
    Thanks for posting the updates!

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    Sonora 108 is closed again.
    120 is still open from Lee Vining to the Tioga Pass park entry per
    Looks like up to 12″-18″ possible on the ridgelines in the Eastern Sierra all the way down to Whitney through Saturday, clearing Sunday.
    I hate to see folks hang up the board so soon, this is prime time. I’m getting after it. Won’t you join me?

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    Was on Sonora 4-22-15 when it started to dump. the pass closed that night as did ebbetts… I believe Sunday/Monday will be the days to get “the goods”

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    Just what I hoped for! I’m planning on heading up to Saddlebag the morning of May 5th and camping at Greenstone Lake throught the 7th.

    I hope conditions and coverage are good on Conness, and North Peak.

    If anyone is interested they should come on out. I’m trying to get word on when Saddlebag Rd will open.

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    Saddlebag Road is open! Just posted some info on TGR:

    Coverage is OK, but not great. Lots of chutes that normally go, don’t. Or they look way spicier than normal. Stuff up high is still transitional.

    120 is supposed to open all the way through the park on Monday (dammit why couldn’t they have done it this weekend!)

    Tioga = Dryoga

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