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    I’ve been here in the San Diego, CA area for 8 years, just got my first splitboard this year. Been hiking and sliding the slopes since about ’84.

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    Dude, I live in Santee (yeehaww) . We should have one of those snooty backyard backcountry barbques for all the BC people in San Diego County

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    Here’s an excerpt from the latest booking………….

    “I am trying hard to make sure the guys don’t have to sleep together, so your own bed in a cabin besides the bunkhouse is not a problem. I figured you guys could hash it out on the trip in, or after you get here, but I don’t mind assigning spaces either.

    I’ll put you in Cabin 8 for now with 3 other guys, including Ray . If there is someone you know you’d prefer to be bunked with, or not, just let me know. It really doesn’t matter to me, I just want to make sure we don’t run out of pillows!

    I just booked out what we had left to the group. It looks like there are 6 spots left.”

    So far, there is only 1 couple, and 1 gal, Buffy. (Ron said no go on the disco ball!) Come on gals, I have a cabin just for the girls! 3 beds.

    The other party here that weekend is a ski patroller from Colorado and his friends. One of them may have to bunk with you guys. You won’t hassle the guy with the red parka too much, will you?

    I just want to make sure too that everyone knows what they are getting into, and have read all the info on the web page. All hands avy savvy? Or partnered up with someone who is? Good!

    Now if it would just snow! My skis have been skinned up ready to go for months! (Since May 31, Gaylor) 😳

    Santana class of ’78

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    You here that Powderjunkie and Puffnatty? Its booking fast. Santana 78? No shit ? My daughter is from 2003

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    @mtngoddess wrote:

    (Ron said no go on the disco ball!)

    Anti discoball-ite! 👿

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

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    The Latest from TPR ( Julia)

    Hi Ray,

    Robbie Warner had wanted to reserve space for 7 more people, and I don’t
    think we will have room, unless guys sleep together. (I’ve been kidding
    about that all along too!)Really, we need to cut it off at about 26 total,
    and we are a little over that, but we will work it out.
    I spoke with Ron, and we will probably strip the beds down to a bottom sheet
    for that last week, we are full-full-full, and it’ll help with laundry (1
    machine) and closing. So, that means the bunkhouse rate will apply to the
    whole group, and everyone will need to bring a bag to sleep in. (Which is on
    the essential gear list anyway.)

    We do not have a projector, we do have about a 19″, maybe 21″, TV with a
    built in DVD and VCR. It will be in hiding somewhere.
    We really need to limit the kinds of luggage we bring up, so I’m not sure
    about brining a projector, it all depends on conditions and how well you can
    pack it.
    (ie: Will it survive a trip down Lee Vining Canyon if the toboggan and/or
    it’s contents gets blown over the edge? This has happened.)

    Your group is looking like 23 total, if we can fit in Robbie’s group, and
    the group from Colorado wants to add 4 more, I’m not sure how many they have
    yet, sounds like 8-9. We will do our best to make it all work.
    Besides, I know these snowboard guys, half of them are the walking wounded
    before the end of the season!

    Hopefully, I’ll have been on a Splitboard before you guys come up. I’m not
    much of a snowboarder, but with my knees, I’m thinking it is a better way
    for me to go in the backcountry. I’ve been skiing on AT gear for wow, 20
    years now! Started on Ramers, I worked for Paul for 5 years, and then went
    to the Dynafit TLT, which I just love!
    I’m 5′ 8″ and ski anywhere from a 170-190 ski. No lightweight girly here!

    Thanks for everything,

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    No more room? 😥

    I’m a f’ing lagger.

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    Email Her Now, Today. I think you 2 can get in. If needed I will sleep on the floor

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    I’ll sleep on the floor too.

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    Weekend is officially booked up according to Julia. She suggest starting another group. Do you think it will be less tracked up the week before 😈 or the week after ❓

    If anyone bails, let me know. Steve

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    Check back with us from time to time, April is a whole winter away.

    Merry Christmas

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    does anyone know what the snow situation is at tpr? i’m starting to worry given the winter so far this year at mammoth.

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    Im sure its pretty sucking right now. But all of the steep lines are ice and all we need is some snow on top of those. The way it looks…if it dumps between now and then…trees. If it doesnt dump but does snow then the steeper lines should be doable.

    I Hope

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    You can read the gory details here:

    Not much snow, all of it faceted. Some hope here:

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

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    Im not too nervous . Even if its dry in January. Lets face it ..March is usually the big month down here . We will see. I am prying for “fantastic Febuary” or a “march miracle” and maybe even an “awesome april”

    karma surf
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    What if a few goons wanted to skin in, set up camp at an appropriate distance (1/2 mile away from the lodge?) and hook up with the crew for the riding? How far would the skin in be, and how much vert from the trailhead to camp? Could I leave a vehicle parked at the trailhead for a few days?

    Any ideas? 💡

    I’m a glutton for punsihment, and my megalight gets lonely in the spring 😉

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    P420 has done it so he knows the distances, but I think we’re all parking at the closure gate for highway 120. TPR is carrying our gear up in their truck, but we’re skinning in. If we could share your gear out or get TPR to carry it ($) then it would be a piece o’ cake. But then again if you like punishment.. At any rate, I highly recommend you do it & bring PJ too.

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

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    Any ideas?

    Piece of cake, and bring your Mojo friend too. I betcha you could give TPR a few duckets and eat/party thier as well. If they won’t cart your camp gear up I’ll help you carry it. Get your arse out here!

    Plenty of terrain, lets just hope there’s snow. 😥 😥

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    Yes you can Karma. Hyw 120 will be closed down low. You will have to dry hike a couple of miles and them skin a couple more. You can use a mountain bike for the dry part but it will be uphill. I can send you some topo’s but I dont think it is a problem at all. just allow yourself a little more time maybe one day in for travel and one day out and that would put you in the goods. Its all either forest service property or national park . In fact as the rules go you can bring your own snowmobile and drive hwy 120 all you want.

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