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    Ok , this is an open invite to all. Im calling Ron at TPR friday and booking three nights. Can be thursday, friday saturday or friday saturday sunday. The two dates to work with are April 5th (thursday) -April 8th (sunday) or April19-April 22nd.
    First order would be to decide dates. One we know dates:
    I will add anyone interested in going to the list. Cost is 120 a night (or close to that depending on how many people book) . That includes lodging, Three great meals , hot showers and a warm bed . This is a place you can bring your skiing/boarding girlfriend /spouse and they will enjoy it.
    If you would like to go just PM me . I will get a head count before I call Ron to reserve. You will be required to mail a deposite of 100 dollars to Ron a soon as we book.
    If you want to fly in Reno Nevada would be the closest airport. Thats about 3 hours north of TPR. I may be able to go up and pick up 3 people.
    If we choose the weekend of April 20th I will have that week off and can do some short tours out of Lone Pine , Bishop or Maybe Tahoe.
    Again, I would like to call Ron next Monday so check your piggy banks, wash the wifes car or get a paper route. We gotta do this!
    JimW, same crew a last year? How Many

    Also skiers , monoplankers , snowskaters and anybody else welcome

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    Forgive newbie ignorance — TPR??

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    Tioga Pass Resort

    The dopest spot south of AK.

    hmm…never been to Whistler but I’m not into the party scene that I think makes that place thrive.

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    So tempting.

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    Here you go Livetoride

    And all others

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    I’m in for the 20th for sure. The earlier weekend is doubtful…

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

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    Bump. April 19-22 it is. You dont have to do the whole time. Keep in mind one day is a travel day.

    Review. 120 dollars a night. Ron and crew carries your stuff up to the lodge. Ron and crew cooks 3 meals a day for you. Good…no Great food. You skin all day and come back to a dry cabin hot shower and a good meal then you kick back around the fire and listen to Jim play his guitar and watch vids Wake up and do it again. All in world clsss terrain.

    Dutch Marc
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    Im there !! 19-22 Great, Maybe even after with you’re week off duty.


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    Got the email from TPR yesterday and they are getting ready. The april 19th weekend is a go. Again all are welcome. Dont be timid to join our group , we are out for fun. Dont worry if your thinking: it may be over my ablities, they may skin too fast, I dont know anyone ect. Come on in . Sign up

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    wow, I’m really tempted – will have to check the bank account though…

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    @patroller420 wrote:

    they may skin too fast

    Especially don’t worry about that one! 🙂

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    tempting for sure… 🙂

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    Damn that sounds sweet.

    Keep peer pressuring me. I’ll see what I can do.

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    Come on out …We will call you Mr. T… And you can say ” I pitty the fool who dont drop this line”

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    More info on TPR. They are now asking you send a credit card # with your release form. They wont charge anything to it. Unless you decide to cancel. If you cancel 2 weeks before your date or longer, you are out 100 dollars. If you show up , the 100 dollars goes to your bill. The dates are from Thursday 4-19 untill 4-22. I will be staying possibly through untill monday so if you need to shift your dates a day one way or the other no worries. On the first day you meet at the gate at 10 am. You skin in and they carry your gear up to the lodge. You dont get any riding on the day in. On the last day, you have to return to the lodge by 2:30 in the afternoon to get your gear onto the sleds going down. You can skin/ride down the road from the lodge or choose to drop something but you have to be down at the snowline when they get there to load you up in the truck to drive the rest of the way down the road. All meals are included in price. I am the “ringleader of this adventure but Im not taking deposites , the lodge is doing that. If you need help with a ride up let me know. Any other questions let me know.

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    So we just print the release form from the web and mail it in with a credit card number and that’s it, right? Or do we also have to enclose a check for $100? Thanks for ringleading!

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    When is the deadline? Is there a deadline you have to sign up by?

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    They dont take checks anymore. Julia will ask you to sign the release form and on it include a credit card #. When she gets your # you will be in. I told her our party could grow and that people may continue to want in. She said she will take your release if there is room. Then she said tell them to hurry as weekend go fast. Here is the email

    Dear Ray,

    There is plenty of availability at his time, we just opened up winter

    Attached are our prices and policies. Please review these carefully before
    making your reservation.
    Feel free to e mail with questions, I’ll be here!

    Thank you,


    Voluntary General Release from Liability, Waiver of Claims,
    Assumption of Risks and Indemnity Agreement

    By Signing This Document, You Will Waive Certain Legal Rights
    Please Read Carefully

    Name of Releasor: __________________________________________________________________________________________________
    Address: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________
    Date of Birth: ____________________________________________ Today’s Date ________________________________________


    Tioga Pass Resort, LLC (as defined below in more detail and collectively hereinafter referred to as the “Releaseeâ€Â

    Dutch Marc
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    YES, just mailed release form & CCard info.

    See Ya There !!

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    Julia has emailed me and said the printer at the lodge went south. She would like anyone who is going to use SNAIL MAIL for your release form and credit card #
    I will try to round up a projector . I have the movie 91 words for snow and totally boared ( the original…all neon)

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