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    Jade Cecil
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    Hi all,

    I’m thinking about picking up a pair of 32 traditional lace boots. I hear they have the best heel hold (I hated my Burton Supreme boots because of the lack of heel hold). I’m looking at the TM-TWO and TM-TWO XLT women’s boots. Thoughts on traditional laces and how they compare to boas and speed lace systems?

    And if you have other recommendations for companies that put a lot of effort in heel hold, please share! Unfortunately I bought a karakoram bindings last season, so I’m not ready to switch over to hard boots yet.


    Cascade Cruiser
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    The K2 Aspects have traditional laces with a BOA system for heel hold. They are new this season and I’ve recently noticed limited online availability. It’ll be interesting to hear reviews as the season progresses as they look to be a sturdy softboot option. Not sure if they have women’s sizing.

    As for BOA vs speed lace vs traditional, probably the most important thing is just to have a backup plan if the lace/BOA system fails on the mountain (extra laces, power strap, etc). Other than that, I’d say ride what fits well and meets your needs while riding & skinning. It is nice to have a quick way to loosen/tighten boots if you are out all day.

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    I’ve never ridden anything but traditional lace boots, and they have been thirtytwo team twos for literally the last 15ish years. They have great ankle hold.

    I’ve always been scared of the speed lace type systems (burton), and have seen them break on friends feet many times. Also, just like you said, with speed zones I’ve seen- there are no “laces” over your ankle!!? Wtf!!

    Boa might be nice, but at this point for me, I see no reason to go to a boa system. It just seems like something that can break.

    I’m actually looking at buying a pair of thirtytwo Primes right now. Cheers!!!

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    So I have used Traditional laces, speed laces, and boas over the years. My opinion, is I miss boots with speed laces. I thought they were simple enough, that a break was easily fixable. These were older Salomons though, and they didn’t have different laces for different parts of the foot. Although they did use lace locks down by the ankle so you could leave the lowers tight, and loosen the cuffs for easier skinning. i was easy enough to just give one quick yank before your run to tighten the uppers. The only Boas I’ve had broke in less than a season, that was that.

    Anyway to answer your question a little more directly, I have been riding 32 Ultralights for the past three seasons, and just picked up a pair of the K2 Aspects that Cascade Cruiser mentioned. I feel traditional laces tend to be to much of a pain to retie on transitions from skin to ride, which is kinda one of my peeves. I think this is an advantage that both of the other lacing systems have over traditional laces Getting used to tying them tight can take a little work, I used to wrap the lace all the way around the boot on the last lace loops. Although a lace break is probably the most common and easiest way they can break, and lace loop brake could be a pain.

    For Heel hold I K2 does it nicely with a boa for the liner. There is a plastic piece inside the boot that covers the op of the foot just below the ankle, that is pulled tight by a boa on the outside. Works well for heel hold, can be adjusted quickly for better mobility for skinning, and would be a dire situation when the boa breaks.

    Anyhow I just realized you wrote this like two weeks ago, I hope this helps.

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