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    I’m looking at a pair of Thirtytwos 305s that come with a thermoliner. The 9.5 are too small (toes hit the end pretty hard) but the 10s are rather loose (no heel slip however?). I’m thinking too small would stretch easier than too big shrinking but I’ve never owned thermoliners so waht do I know? Your expertice is appreciated. Thanks,

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    I was in the same boat with some thermo liners… If they are the true Thermofit/bakeable type, and you are talking about a half size difference, it shouldn’t matter as long as the shell itself is big enough. There will still be a minimal thickness that liner will reshape too, and you need to make sure you have room for it in the shell. The advantage of going with the larger size is better warmth and padding. When that foam is really compressed to fit in a tighter shell, the feel is quite firm.

    That foam expands quite well when cooked and fills up every little nook and crany. I did this with some old Raichle hardshells as well as my older Malamute softies early last year, and had good results in both with the same liner size, and very different shell sizes/shapes. But that is getting a non-matched liner for an old shell that I knew fit right at one point.

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    Try throwing an insole into the 10’s. It will eat up space and improve fit.

    I’ve been happy in 32’s for the last several years, but this year models seem slightly heavier than my old boots. Though this is not the direction I wanted to see they are still probably on the lighter end of the spectrum but my old boots were amazingly light. I think I am riding the tm2’s so maybe other models are lighter.

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    dishwasher dave,

    by ‘insole’, do you mean an alternative insole to the crappy one that comes in most liners. are you running a ‘custom’ footbed in your boots?

    i’m having some ‘hotspot’ problems in my dynafit tlt lites (hardboots), on the medial aspect of my heel, on both feet. i think its related to a rivet in the plastic shell above that level, which transmits pressure through the liner.

    i’m wondering if there is too much extra volume in the boot for my foot to move around in (in tour mode) and rub up against that freakin rivet.

    your thoughts?


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    Thirty-two boots don’t come with any insole (or at least mine didn’t). I just threw in an insole from a pair of approach shoes that were sitting in my closet. In this particular boot there was not enough space for a larger/thicker custom footbed (eg. superfeet) and the regular insole worked great.

    My take is that personal fit is the most important thing. If some cheapy insole gives you that great, if somethiing a little more spendy does cool.

    I think it’s been at least a decade since I stuffed my feet in a plastic ski boot, so I’m sure there are others who can give better advice on dynafit issues. I know the folks at my local ski shop do wonders helping people fit their boots. That said it doesn’t hurt anything (and costs nothing) to grab an insole from some shoe you are not wearing right now and try that in your dynafits. If chewing up some extra space solves the problem, you’re set and a snugger fit should increase responsivess as well. Good luck.

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