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    I saw this on TGR and its so rad I had to post it here too. You can get a hi-res tiff of every topo in the US for free!! The files are huge so its kind of a pain to use them unless you have something like photoshop to view them in. But the are very hi-res and you can get great detail out of them. And they are free!!

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    Pretty cool. Not sure if it’s the same setup, but I’ve been using
    to help me navigate the backcountry. You can view the topos online and memorize them (which helps for short jibs), or you can also buy any topo map of any format, of any size, encompassing any geographical area you want. Forget buying the Forest Service quad maps. Log on to offroute and you can merge any square/rectangle of land(based of the FS 7.5 quads) and have them send it to you.

    Maps are cool. 8)

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    Nice find, thanks! 8)

    No route or distance tools though……can’t have it all for free.

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    Nice find but look at the dates on some of those maps.

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    Seems cool.

    I am really starting to like this software

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    I too dig It’s desktop software that pulls maps from terraserver. It has some great features but there is a learning curve to climb…
    Epic mountain biker, Scott Morris of Tucson, AZ created the software. I used topofusion and GoogleEarth to plan/map/GPS upload a 773 off-road bicycle ride Across Arizona –

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    I am having issues with the Canadian option. It says I have a firewall issue, but I checked and I don’t believe this to be the case.

    Anyone else?

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    If you are looking for free topo maps of Canada got to It has all the maps for Canada up to 1:50,000 scale. You can also print and save the maps for free. There are also some distance and route tools.

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