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    so what is it

    my self, my rock board is an old (like ’98) Option free + 163. this board has been in my arsenal for a long time (of course) mainly as my back up, but it hasn’t lost it’s camber yet.

    I also have an Atlantis signiture 157 (from 99 or so) which is a bit short but I’m light and it rips in the tight gullys and big pow stash’s. though it’s smallish stature has kept it from being my primary ride it’s a great tree board.

    I just picked up a Ride Number 4 164. what can I say, this board rails. never thought I’b be on a Ride, but I got a deal I couldn’t turn down. time will tell if it hold out to all the rockies can throw at it.

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    atomic radon. 154. (2005 model)

    i got this board when i was an instructor and just got it because they proform really cheap. i just needed a board to trash in the park. i am quite impressed though, great board nice and flexy like i wanted for the park, but snappy too.

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    For powder days : Lib Tech Litigator 172 bought off a fellow member (thanks Ken). This board was cheap and rides really nice, it’s fast and has eliminated all the float issues I was having with the smaller board it replaced.

    Every other day : Rossi Premier 159. I love the way this thing rides, my favorite board I’ve ever owned. Has alot of “snap” and “pop” to it, very responsive.

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    An 04′ Ride Timeless 168 with Burton Cartel highbacks

    Fast and stable, turns well in the crud, edges well on ice.

    affix snow
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    Arbor Element 162 w/ Burton Cartels….

    F-ing Killer all around!

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    Arbor s-series 174 or Burton Cascade 68

    with Burton SI-X

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    inbounds? 😕


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    nice affix 🙂

    Arbor Element Wide 162
    and for rock…
    Sims Impulse 163

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    I was wondering when BCR would offer up that answer

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    K2 public enemies, because sometimes 2 is better then 1 😛 .

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    @Barret wrote:

    K2 public enemies, because sometimes 2 is better then 1 😛 .

    I usually snag a pair of those from the shop 2 -3 times per year, they are pretty fun. Ski boots royally suck though.

    Unruly Baker
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    Resort toys:

    Never Summer T5 165 for normal days.
    Never Summer T5 168 for deeper days.

    Saving for NS T5 168 split.

    Once you ride a NS you won’t ride anything else. Seems to be a common trend in my group anyway. Lots of folks moving to NS from Burton, Salomon, Ride, etc….. All those seem to clap out after a season, but they ride OK when new.

    Unity, Arbor, and a few others make bomber boards as well. P-tex sidewalls and solid construction is key.


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    have to agree with comments re: NS above. i ride a Never Summer infinity (female version of the NS SL) 151 w/drake matrix (lady) bindings inbounds. i was on a NS premier 150 before that. these boards are absolutely amazing. they’re bomb-proof.

    i’ve ridden over countless rocks/roots, and the base shows minimal wear. they’re also super damp and ride super smooth. way more durable and high-performance than anything else i’ve been on. the premier was a SICK ride- i could absolutley CRANK on the groomers- but a bit too stiff for me…i’m a smallish female. the infinity is the perfect fit. it’s a great little all-around board..i ride it in the trees, in the powder, in the park, on groomed, switch, etc. it shreds everything, everywhere. hands down the best board ev-ah! three 30+ seasons and still rocking strong.

    woo! that was quite the rave. maybe i should post this in the reviews section!

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    Everyday thrash about board… ’01 Ride Timeless 167 used, aboves, and still up to anything I throw at it..

    Hardpack, nothing fresh, make the most of the time in the resort board: ’05 Ride No. 4 164.. Gotta a good deal on this last year.. No regrest.. Softer than the Timeless, but a bit more nimble and forgiving…

    Pow, OSIN 4807 178… The powder boat…

    Greg - NoKnees

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    Deep Days:

    Lib-Technologies Emagator 165
    Salomon Sp5 Bindings

    Not so Deep Days:

    Option Sig 157
    Salomon Sp3 Bindings

    Always w/ the original (michael Jordan nike lookin’) Salomon F boot

    Prolly the best boards I have owned over the years….

    ps never paid retail for any of the above 😆

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    deeper days a 167 salomon fastback(04-05) w/ nidecker 800’s
    then depending on conditions either a 160 salomon L.O.F.T.(05-06) or a 161 salomon faction(04-05) both w/ nidecker carbon 900’s

    i really like the salomons plus i get a great deal so i am biased.
    i loved never/option in the passed but have not been on one for years.
    NS didn’t do to well for me, but that was years ago also, some of my friends love them.

    this could be a new thread, but how many days, on average, should a board take before it is shit? 50, 75, 100 more?
    of course excluding rock damage.

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    amen to all the Never Summer believers. Older Legacy 163 for rocks and rails, last years Lecacy 163 for all around riding, new Titan Tx 169 for big days and big mountains. I can’t break the boards, but I have cracked some edges and managed to compress an edge my second day out on the Titan. The P-tex sidewall does make it easier to repair though. My old legacy probably has over 350 days and still rides like a Caddy on cruise control. One day, I’ll hook up with a NS split. One day…

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    Hey, all-

    Riding an ’05 Rossi Jeremy Jones in bounds.

    (Long time lurker, first post. I wasn’t going to register until I got a splitboard and had something to add. Well, I got the split……just in time for a whole bunch of January rain here in the east. I’m crossing my fingers for February and March.)

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    I broke the core on my Salomon Fastback 174 so now I’m riding a 5 year old Burton Canyon 168

    i’m in the market for a new everyday board, but the lack of decent comparative information is very frustrating…the Couloir review was good for that.

    i’m also having a blast on the 160 Fish

    Nidecker Carbon bindings on both, Burton Driver boots

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    Never Summer T5 172 for everything including tight trees (despite its length).

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