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    It sucks being a weekend warrior cause not only do you have to sit around all week reading about all the epic pow people are slaying but then when the weekend finally comes you might get shut down by weather, the snow conditions might suck and most likely everything been shralped to death. So over the years I’ve had to dial in all my spots. When your a weekend warrior you can’t just have a plan b, you’ve got to have a plan c, d and e as well. Oh well, I managed to find some goods as of late and would like to share the stoke with you. This is dedicated to all the other weekend warriors out there……..I feel ya man.

    My wifes been giving me tons of shit for enjoying my gopro so much. It’s fun as hell though, just learned the slow mo feature…yeah. Too bad 95% of the footage you get is worthless most the time, still super fun. Amazing what that little camera can capture. This is a fun 3k coolee, field goal kicker and pow footage.
    Take care, be safe out there.

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    You’re doing it right my man.

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    @buckchow wrote:

    You’re doing it right my man.


    And I hear you on the 13 different backup plans, plan.

    wasatch surf
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    I wish my weekdays were as good as your weekends. CP4 is one of my favorite roadside attractions nice!

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    Looks GOOD. My stoke is up for the weekend!

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    Nice stoke! It can be hard being a weekend warrior, but it’s better than not being a warrior at all….keep up the nice work!

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    every time I see your posts I know its going to be good….quality over quantity

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    Great stuff Utah!!! As a weekend warrior myself I can relate!

    Sick pics and you’re lookin quite steezy too. 🙂

    Liked the vid as well!

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    That’s bitchin’! Inspires me to get creative w/ my helmet cam..and point and shoot.

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    Nothing wrong with being a weekend warrior! Married with kids myself, try my best to get out when I can. Even riding weekends only you should be able to get 40 days a year minimum! Get out when you can.

    Rico in AZ
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    :guinness: Raise your glasses for the weekend warrior! :guinness:

    I’ve been pretty down on being a weekend warrior for a while now. I got much respect for anyone who trades a comfortable lifestyle for the snow shred lifestyle. I wish I had the courage to trade in the comfy 40 hour job for weekday touring. It’s tough when you’re addicted to health insurance, vacation leave, retirement fund, etc… On second thought, there are some weekdays when I’m glad to go to an easy job to recover from a tough weekend of splitting. Oh well.

    Nice viddy Nic, looks like alot of fun. In fact, it looks like you’ve been having alot of fun this season.

    @bcrider wrote:

    Sick pics and you’re lookin quite steezy too. 🙂

    Pretty steazy for a hard booter, huh, Bcr?

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    DUDE that was a great video :bananas: :bananas: Thanks

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    Really appreciate all the positive reinforcement guys! Damn I love this community/site.

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    That chute looked fun! Had a little speed going through that choke huh?

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    Ya buddy. Being a weekend warrior myself I can truly appreciate this TR. I find the key to being a good weekend warrior is to do as much in two days as the average person does in five (as it seems you do). Oh and a week long trip or two is very helpful. Keep on chargin!

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