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    Sweet pics MountainDog! I think we have run into one another over on as well!

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    Wasatch, UT.

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    ohhh yessss, they’re back! :clap:
    A couple of money shots in there.
    Given I have not touched the white stuff yet it hurts a bit to watch…

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    ph: nakas @sunlabeled

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    not even a lick of winter on van isle yet 😥

    I haven’t even bothered checking my gear yet or putting the on my roof racks.

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    well do it. before you know, winter will be waiting on you, and you will no longer be waiting on winter! :thumpsup:

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    A couple from this season in SW MT

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    hyalite? N bridgers? secret spot??

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    Nice drawing, HikeForTurns and Mountaindog! Beautiful pics, too!

    Here’s a few from a day touring between huts near Briancon, SE France with the wife.

    throwing snowballs for the doggy at the 1st hut.

    tracks of the 4 others before we split off.

    Ceri in the white room. Good girl!


    And up to the next hut. This beer is good. If you see it, drink it.

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    Nice pics Ned, they make me nostalgic! I am from Briancon originally btw so I am biased 😉
    Oh and yes, the Tourmente is a great local beer brewed by the Alphand family in l’argentiere (Luc was a world cup champ).
    Refuge du Chardonnet?

    couple pics from Japan (my new home away from home) I took yesterday:

    Local mountain fattened with untold amounts of J-Pow

    Sketch zone

    The Obligatory local wildlife (Kamoshika):

    I even took a shakey vid of the little guy:

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    @SerreChe wrote:

    Local mountain fattened with untold amounts of J-Pow

    droooool :drool:

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    Going on a month without new snow, so…

    Rider: Antonio Davila

    WW2 B-24 landing gear, 11,300 ft. San Francisco Peaks


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    dust on crust Montana.

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    money shot!
    When I see pics like that, I think we should get a calendar going for this year-end with the best pics of the year gone by (to be voted upon)!

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    Some from the past few weeks


    His dog, Cody, is one of the best backcountry dogs ever!

    HfT going into the light

    Skinning up Berthoud Pass

    Mushroom harvest up Berthoud Pass

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    Some amazing pics on here. Need to go back to page 1 and start again, take some time!

    SerreChe, Love the 1st one. Something about deciduous trees and snow covered mountains… Looks like a picture from a fairy tale book!

    Yup, 1st one was the Chardonnet, Started in Nevache, up to the Chardonnet, Tour de Queyrellin then back up to the Buffere. Mini tour in the morning, then hightailed it for the ferry, would have been great to have the time to stick around, there was a north face up there that would have been awesome. Didn’t have the time… Will be back, though!

    Looking forward to more pics from Japan!

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    Great stuff Ned! I thought the area looked familiar. I do a lot of fishing / hiking in that area during the summer.
    If you’re bored here are some links with pictures of that area in the summer.
    You’ll recognize the chardonnet in one of the links.

    This is climbing the pointe de Buffere (I suck at climbing but do it once in a while):

    Lacs de la casse blanche:


    Colorado was great once again this weekend!


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