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    This has got to be the 2nd best part of splitboarding.

    This is home

    natural triple over head pipe

    out of the hut


    A little yurty action! Cant wait to be there again in a few days!

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    ^ sweet shot!!

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    A couple of pics from my last outing just below Mica dam

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    End of the last day of our honeymoon. I’d imagine there’s a few people on here who’d recognise this spot!?

    Not especially gnarly, but Mrs. Snowlady took a backwards dive off the drop just after this photo was taken. rip.

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    Trapper Peak, MT Bitterroots…1993

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    Big Mtn sidecountry


    Inversion over Flathead Valley, MT


    Glacier N.P.


    Here’s a few from the season so far.

    Dead Elk Coulior RMNP 3/10/13 with HFT

    Monarch Pass 3/2/13

    Berthoud Pass 2/18/13 with Killclimbz

    Berthoud Pass 2/18/13

    Berthoud Pass 2/9/13

    Pitkin Cr 2/2/13 with HFT

    Pitkin Cr 2/2/13 We stomped a ridge and got a nice avy to kick off

    Berthoud Pass 1/13/13 with HFT

    Outpost Pk 1/5/13 with HFT

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    Big Mtn snowghosts

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    are we allowed to post up old photos? might be my favorite shot…

    2010 season, the Wasatch, UT. My buddy Matt ripping the Hogum 200


    Barrows last Saturday.


    Me, Tree Jib to drop. Kootenay Pass, BC

    Sunrise Dawn Patrol. Duffy Lake, BC

    Jesse Rooftop Slash, Davis(maniacdave) throwing the horns. Igloo, Plewman Basin, BC

    Bomber Owner of Mt Carlyle shooting fireworks in celebration of the first week of the season and so much snow!!! Mt Carlyle, Kaslo BC

    Me, Pillow Popper. Rogers Pass

    Shakers Hut. Russell Creek, Slocan, BC

    My board and Airy Mountain that I shredded a day previously. Russell Creek, Slocan, BC

    Me, Natural Tree Jib. Rossland, BC

    Jesse and Luke skinning up Joffre Shoulder. Duffy Lake, BC

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    March 2013, Western Alps :rock:

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    So good . . . :clap:

    @powslashingwigley wrote:

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    fine lines

    westward ho

    nothin better than spring time in montana

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    The sundial

    Broads fork

    last pow of this season??

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    Here are a couple more Shasta pics courtesy of bgnight. Trinity chutes

    And of course Tahoe’s West Shore

    Old one from the Eastside


    Always liked this thread, so here’s a bump for those of us that are lazy and don’t like to add words to pics.
    HikeforTurns and I got some good snow around Vail Pass over Turkeyday Weekend.

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