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    Squirrel99 dropped me a line and baited it with a little St Helens. Freezing levels and forecast of sun created the perfect weather window for a 5,600ft run. Gregm and I arrived at Marble Mount snowpark by 6ish on Saturday and car camped at the trailhead. Squirrel99, Z-bo, Rob would meet us somewhere along the trail on Sunday.

    It was a clear night but not too frigid. The next morning we started skinning by 7:30ish with our puffies on. Trail was frozen so it was easy boot but the skins were already on so what the hell.

    Broke out of the trees an hour later and things were still frozen but this was our view. Safety meeting??

    We continued a bit higher before realizing things weren’t gonna soften up too much today so let’s relax. I know the occupants in this shelter were. Safety meeting??

    It’s not the Ritz but will do.

    I decided to test out how my bd crampons would do with my new boots but not before another safety. Gregm put on the split-pons and continued upward.

    Gregm skinning with Adams in the background.

    During one of our safety breaks Squirrel99, Z-bo and Rob caught up. Gregm and Squirrel99 skinned to the summit with one short carry. The rest of us took advantage of the nice groomed boot track up. At the summit we marinated under the sun and did the things you do to keep yourself occupied while waiting for the corn to come out of the oven. Like taking bt’s cause someone hauled one up there.

    So you take pictures among things.

    Mt Hood amongst the clouds.

    Z, Gregm and Dan Cortez lookalike Rob. Z and Rob look guilty as hell.

    Adams looking might tasty.

    Lava Dome.

    Crater Rim, Spirit Lake and Mt Rainier.

    And when the clock struck 2pm our party of 5 peeled of the summit in a hurry. Squirrel99 and I traversed a quarter mile east to find our flank steak and gravy gully. Gregm dropped near the boot pack and went for a solo harvest. Z and Rob…just like Silent Bob and Jay, wondered off for an adventure of their own.

    Here’s a few of Squirrel…

    Squirrel on a steeper section.

    Squirrel enjoying his flank with the moon in the background.

    Not even halfway yet.

    While Squirrel and I were waiting back at the cars we chatted with a member of SARs. He spoke of watching 2 from Climbers Bivy dropping west instead of east. We laughed at first and Squirrel was like they might have rode with me. One by one the rest of them made it back to the trailhead where warm cars and Sam L. Jackson lager were waiting.

    Other notes worth mentioning:
    No fees for climber permits, just self register outside at Jacks. However don’t forget your snowpark parking pass. I watched a climber return to his car with a broken snowboard just to find a ticket waiting. Bummer!

    Snow surface conditions were variable and vary similar to what one would find on the Muir Snowfield. An inch on ice to couple inches, small ribbons of windpacked powder, sastrugi and creamy corn.


    Nice TR Snowslut. I’m glad to hear that you are staying ‘safe’ in BC. 😉 You and your crew got alot better that we got on Jove Peak the day before – that fo sho!

    Thanks for the beta on parking, permits and all that.

    Ride on.

    ~ Edub


    How come you didn’t do a lap in the crater? 😯 Ya scared. 😛

    Cool TR slut.


    @powderjunkie wrote:

    How come you didn’t do a lap in the crater?

    too many people around.


    What a difference a day makes…We hit Helens on Saturday and there was just enough high clouds and wind to keep the crust….well, crust. To add insult to injury, the bag that contained my buddy’s safety kit blew into the crater. We had hoped that this would be seen by the mountain goddess as a sacrifice. But alas, we were left with bulletproof conditions. Not that I am complaining too much. A freakin’ beautiful day and we had a backup safety kit.


    Sweet! Always appreciate killer stoke from the NW! That’s a mountain ya dont see too many pics of. Noice work.


    Very nice TR. What kind of vertical are getting on those volcanoes?


    Sweet pics snoslut! 8)

    Your TRs keep getting better and better! 🙂


    All those safety meetings must have been downright dizzying 😕 Thanks for the TR! Pretty incredible looking country.


    What kind of vertical are getting on those volcanoes?

    Our run was over 5600ft, starting at 2700 and topping out at 8365.

    How come you didn’t do a lap in the crater? Ya scared?

    Like Gregm said there were too many people around otherwise…
    Ya scared? Yeah of prosecution. That combined with memories of what happened to the brave souls that did a few years back.

    ScottH bummer about your safety kit but fingerstash on the backup. So that’s why the lava dome was smoking on Sunday. Thanks!

    Lewmt dizzying you say? Na. We had tons of time to kill while we waited for the snow to soften. That plus I forgot the whiskey in the car and the Guiness all together. Efin rook move.



    I gotta get out and split/ride with you sometime soon. We have a lot in common, I think you post on Cascadeclimbers as well.

    I live in Bend, and was to lazy to drive to St. Helens last weekend. Looks like i should of. Ended up climbing/riding Broken Top, it never corned up.

    PM if you ever need a partner, Safety is essential.


    Here’s the tr from Squirrel99’s perspective plus a few riding photos:


    That combined with memories of what happened to the brave souls that did a few years back.

    What happened?


    After a successful descent of the crater the group had to climb back up. One member of the group fell into a deep moat near the top, which collapsed the snowpack below and swept everyone into a crevasse. Self rescue was needed as well as an alternative route out. That’s when the marathon hike started. This was before St Helens farted and every geologist in the world came to see. Govy had a problem with poaching. People hiking up with cameras in such to catch a glimpse, maybe of their last moment in life due to unstable activity. I like to think that eyes are watching now. Maybe when things peter out a bit.


    From what I’ve been told, it didn’t sweep anyone into a crevasse, but the slab did give one lucky person a quick ride back to the bottom of the crater…


    Well that’s how it was told to me and I heard it from the horses mouth. Maybe a little spice was added.


    I think the story changes and gets better every time that horse speaks! 😆


    I concur. 😆


    I can understand the temptation after seeing some potentially gnary lines last summer from the lookout area.

    Now I’m scared. 😯


    btw, this picture = :thatrocks:

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