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    i need new pants bad. :mrgreen:

    there is a good thread started by russman in the gear room but i figured i would break the rules and post over here, in the hopes someone will know the answer to my question. who makes a good shell pant that is a light color(or white) and full leg zip?

    I have been searching high and low but have not found much. Actually REI seems to make one pair that is kind of similar to what i am looking for, but that is all i have been able to locate.

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    there ya go dave. no need to look any longer

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    😆 Nice work Darren. :thumpsup:

    Hey Dave. I was just checking out what the local shop had in stock for gear. I have seen those pants in black only, but the brand escapes me at the moment. So what percentage of duct tape do your current pants have on them?

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    A little snow seal and these babies should last a long time and full zip ventilation!

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    Sorry dave I couldn’t resist. 🙂

    Not full vent but inner and outer vents…?

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    no apologies needed those suggestions are all excellent every one of em thx much keep em comin :disco:

    im also looking for a fair amount of rocker ( :rock: )

    HFT – trew bibs look pretty insane thanks for that!

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    Have you considered a 1 piece?

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    NO!!!! I’m gonna have to start carrying my OWN duct tape when I tour with you now?

    😥 :nononno:

    I recommend you exhaust all duct tape options before replacing the ORs. :thumpsup:

    Seriously though…does OR NOT make a light colored pair of those pants? The full zip thing narrows your choices considerably.


    @TEX wrote:

    These will match Voile’s new graphic direction. And make you look like you shop at Fredericks of Beverly Hills.

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    This thread is going places fast. According to the Urban Dictionary:

    White Pants – When worn by a woman, indicates her willingness (even though she may not desire) to engage in anal sex

    But in all seriousness, Westcomb is making some pretty badass eVent clothing. Might be worth looking into.

    I’ve been wearing Marmot Gore-Tex stuff or the past couple years. They have some bright color options with big ol’ zips.

    Randonee Pant:,222,72,202


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    @samh wrote:

    But in all seriousness, Westcomb is making some pretty badass eVent clothing. Might be worth looking into.

    I agree. I just scored the Vapour FX jacket and the mirage pants at their sample sale. I haven’t put them through the paces yet but my intial impression is that it’s bomber quality stuff.

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    This + “Splitboarding is the Answer” logo could have a huge impact on the direction of our sport

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    @lewmt wrote:

    …could have a huge impact on the direction of our sport…

    Exactly what that impact is and whether I want anything to do with it shall remain unspoken.


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    Im digging on Flylows stuff. Granted, I seal gloves in exchange for gear, but the bibs that are coming out in December are effing sick, tough and designed for the bc.

    Resort and low snow days = Chemical Pant, the toughest pant I have ever worn. And I absolutely destroy stuff.
    BC and high snow days = Tha’ Bibs.

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