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    What a great weekend. Thanks SO much to Terry for organizing everything including the accommodations, the sponsors, prizes, and the demos. Prior, Spark, Jones, Voile, Lib Tech and Karakoram all had a presence there :clap: and I think all the participants were thrilled at this turnout – I definitely was.

    Saturday was fantastic with clear sunny skies all day and a whole bunch of splitters out in the Baker back country. We made a mini-circuit out and around Herman Saddle with a great group. I wish I would have taken the camera out for some more shots but we were having too much fun riding and enjoying the views. Did get a few shots though before our last run including a group shot with a Vancouver, Bellingham, Crytsal Mt, and Tahoe crew.

    If that wasn’t enough Saturday night finished off with a few beers in the parking lot, a great dinner, and then a raffle for a shit load of prizes. I didn’t win the Jones splitty but did walk away with a kick-ass looking solid Lib Tech Banana Mullet – no kidding. Anyone ever split one of these?

    Again, big thanks to Terry for all his efforts.

    Hope to see everyone back next year!

    Starting the day

    Looking back

    Group shot

    and another

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    Powder sluts

    Treepolot Aksltxlt Bowlrider


    Mountain rescue

    cornice hucking

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    Yes, what a great time. Thanks one more time to Terry for putting it all together and to all the amazing sponsors with the donations for the raffle and demos for people to try. :thatrocks: Ended up with a great turn out and everyone had a great time. Awesome to meet everyone and glad we scored on the weather for Saturday. I’ll post pics later once I sort through them all.

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    Wow, looks great guys!

    I’m sad I didn’t make it but stoked for the folks that did and that everyone had a great time.

    Super props to Sketchy and the sponsors!!! :headbang:

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    Hey, did anyone find a Dark Blue Marmot Puffy jacket? See the discrption below:

    The jacket of mine that was accidentally taken from the lodge on Sunday was a Marmot Zeus jacket. Specifically, it was “twilight” (blue), men’s medium, light down jacket (see attached image for the exact look. I took it off while preparing breakfast on Sunday morning about 6:30 when I became too hot and placed it on the window sill in the lounge. As I was packing up to leave around 11:00, I noticed that it was gone. In one of the pockets was a screw-on black plastic lid for a stainless steel mug. On the top of the lid, there is a round, black and white sticker, that says, “Our Community Bikes”. The jacket was a new favorite and I’ll miss the mug top almost as much as the jacket. Any help in recovering it would greatly be appreciated!

    Thanks for forwarding this along.


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    Posting for Aksltxlt

    Powder sluts


    Treepilot Aksltxlt Bowlrider

    Mountain rescue

    cornice hucking

    Aksltxlt got some this weekend

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    Oh my gosh, its like my brain doesn’t even know what hit it! This weekend was so fun and filled with positive stimulation, there is just so much to process through!

    I’d like to send out a specific thanks to Chad from Jones Snowboards for giving me an amazing opportunity to shred the Solution for 8 hours on Saturday! All I can say is that it is an absolutely AMAZING board… I’ll have a full review of the stick for you all later today! Dean from Prior, THANK YOU so much for letting me pound on the AMF yesterday! I’ll also write a review of that thing as well… It is a phenomenal tool. Also, I’d like to like to point out the obvious that Will from Spark R&D is the RADDEST company owner/designer out there… I can’t see Jake Burton hanging out at a dirtbag splitfest all weekend!

    A special word about the Karakoram guys.. Bryce and Tyler are amazing! They are truly awesome people and I can’t wait to get out on some tours with them! I remember there was some skepticism about a new interface, but their system is seriously LEGIT. I was lucky to get to tour around on it, and really, its almost as laterally stiff as a tele setup. No joke. The level of detailed engineering is remarkable, and the binding is incredibly lightweight. Like REALLY light, and apparently its going to get even lighter with the next iteration. From my observations, they are creating an ultra high performance, totally high-end splitboard system that raises the bar in big ways. Spark bindings have increased performance close to the precision that AT skiers get, and the Karakoram system could take it even closer. At any rate its so cool to see more legitimate options available. We’ve got two amazing rider owned binding companies both seriously reinforcing the statement “Splitboarding is the ANSWER!!”

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    Wish I could’ve made it 😥 Looks like you guys had a blast, snow looked good. The mountaineers lodge is a great place to set up camp.

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    Sorry I couldn’t make it also, perfect weather timing for Sat as well – looked fantastic!

    Glad a few of you got to try the Karakorum bindings particularly folks that don’t know the twins for an independant viewpoint. I’ve only got a few of days on them, enough to see a blinding difference in performance on my mojo compared to the Voile. I know the sparks ride well too but these really feel tight. Had to give the bindings back so you guys could ride them but did keep the clips which are also lots better than the voile “C” clips.

    I wouldn’t call them the dynafits as they won’t be fiddly like the dynafits but they are the technical breakthrough required.

    Weight savings are big too so if only there was a super light board out there too…

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    What a great weekend. It’s great to finally meet the people behind the posts. I can’t wait until I get my Jones board! Thanks for organizing this Terry!!!

    The festival was mentioned on the blog

    2017 Baker Splitfest, March 17th to 19th!

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    A little coverage from the festival on the frequency blog: Thanks Terry, and stoked everyone got to experience bluebird and pow at Baker!

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    The Solution Splitty is pretty damn light!

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    Here’s some photos.

    The troops heading in.

    Treepilot showing off the Solution!

    A little powder for ya.

    Round 2

    Taking in the view

    One of the Kloster brothers, Treepilot waiting at the top

    We had a little wind

    Dinner time at the lodge

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    glad you guys have great conditions on Saturday. photos are awesome. and damn splitboards were given away? i would say that I shouldn’t have canceled but i never win anything in raffles.

    great job planning the whole shebang, sketchyT. mad props – great to see the article on frequency.

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    The Mt. Baker Splitfest was a awesome event. Thanks Terry for organizing! Tyler and I had a great time meeting everyone and exploring the Baker backcountry. It was really inspiring to see so many splitters. I would also like to thank everyone who gave us feedback on our splitboard system; your input is vital to Karakoram’s success. Here are a few pictures I snapped on Saturday:

    Looking back on Shuksan on the tour up.

    Getting ready to drop the first lap.

    There were about 10 of us who tracked this face out. I think this is James from Tahoe slashing it up.

    A sequence of Tyler ripping Mazama Bowl.

    Our Second Lap.

    Slashing on the second lap with Baker in the background.

    Fritz, John, Alex, Aaron, Wade and Tyler on the third lap in Mazama Bowl.

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    Got to say a big thanks to Terry for making this happen. Couldn’t have asked for a better crew of folk to take part. It was a real pleasure to meet all of you. Definitely keen to do it again next year.

    Glacier cats know how to chill.

    Frankie and Will doing the responsible thing and seein’ what we were up against after the previous days dumping.

    Trevor Getting into it.

    Shuksan looking gnarly.

    Time to boot pack.

    Seth leading the boot up the couly.

    Will bombing it.

    Favorite run of the weekend.

    Frankie Finishing the day with some freestylin’

    Typical PNW weather killed my motivation for taking photo’s on sunday.

    See y’all next year.

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    Thanks to Terry for setting the festival up..I had a great time. Thanks to Russell and Kyle for showing some us Tahoe guys the way. Also thanks to everyone at the Mountaineers Lodge. I cant wait to get back..we came to a storm that is supposed to dump 3-4 ft…stoked!..Iam stoked to have friends in the PNW.. :thatrocks: …Kelley

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    Huge thanks to Terry for setting this up. Equally huge thanks for all the vendors, sponsors and participants who stepped up to support it.

    It was a long drive for me, but worth it. Anyone on the fence about attending a “Festival”…. do it! It may have even inspired a couple of Canadians enough to get one going for north of the 49th for next year? nearls: drop me a pm! We got planning to do!

    It was great putting screen names together with the real people behind them.

    Here’s my write up on it – a few pics of my own, but several are jcocci’s (aka John) as credited

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    Looks like a success with a sick powder day. :thatrocks:

    Would have loved to hook up with you PNW splitters again. Baker rules.

    Some great pics too.

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    So glad the weather came through and everyone had such a good time. Sorry I wasn’t around the main event much, but it was nice to see some familiar faces, both real life aquaintances and virtual. I did have a great weeklong MBSF… and the best snow this side of the crest this season!

    Never ending toe side turns on the downward spiraling wave..

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