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    These things can get addictive to make. looking forward to trying this one out.

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    @vapor Nice work! Can you explain what is going on at the nose of your board? I have not seen anything like that before. Thanks.

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    Something i came up with for last years board which was profiled more for steep chutes than low angle powder.Think of it as a nose extender, as well as a shock absorber for the occasional tree hit to save the nose and infinitely more torsion than the standard nose clip. Saves weight on the up too as you throw the nose in the pack on the up and can run a shorter board.

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    ^^^^Really, really cool! It looks like the removable nose piece is cut out pre-splitting. Is that correct? Could you provide some pics of the board in it’s parts? Thanks for sharing.

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    Sweet Vapor, are those veneer patches you added to increase compressive strength in those specific areas outside the bindings?

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    I did add extra carbon to areas for compressive strength. the verneer was for looks…… was going for something different but it turned out interesting.The nose piece was cut from an old board for the previous board but pressed the nose separate for this one. ill take more pics later.

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    here is a few more pics. The top screws are tnuted through the board, bottom is an insert used for locating held by a 10 32 screw through the board.

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    Nose extender… Rad, Vapor.


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    Nose extender!,thought about this for years, good to see someone trying it


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    Very impressive and excellent craftsmanship!

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    For that nose extender you must’ve had to cut away at the existing nose a bit first.

    The nose on my board is already scooped up quite a bit. if you put an extender right on it, it would be pointing too much upwards.

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