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    For some a line is something you tag off a list and never think about again. Why hit a line twice, right. For me though I like to be intimate with a line, I don’t want to just ride it, I want to rip it in perfect conditions. So I often find myself going back to lines I’ve already hit trying to tag it in better conditions or shred like it should.

    Conditions were setting up perfectly to hit a line I hit with SouthParkSplitNek last year with ok conditions just not the rippable type dreams are made of. Anyways, unfortunately winds that were not in the projected forecast messed things up replacing stable pow with a stout wind skin. Still a fun day worth sharing.

    Been carrying around the ax a bit due to nasty ice that plagues everything high.

    It’s got an E face so an early start’s a must. Sunrise

    The line is the middle chute. I like this one cause it’s two for one. You hit the top chute and then connect it with the lower down looker right chute. Perfect for ripping top to bottom.

    This area is possibly one of the most aesthetic parts of the Wasatch. Sort of a long walk to get to.

    Up the chute Chris Coulter punching out the boot

    Pics from Coulter..Thanks

    Upper chute


    Heres a couple random shots from last weekend

    What dreams are made of.

    Take care everyone

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    Great Stuff!

    I like lines that I have done, but keep waking me up and calling me back to them. You get that extra shot of confidence to go back and do it right.

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    What dreams are made of.


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    Stunning! Seems the Wasatch range has some goods that need to be gotten

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    Yeah dog! Can you beat the convenience of slc?

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    sick line!

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    Rippin…. Reeeeeeeeeeeeppin! Olay :thatrocks:

    bones get broke
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    I only have one thing to say to this TR…………….

    …..wait for it……………



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