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    wasatch surf
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    been back on my home waters of the Henry’s Fork for a few days and they were epic. Insane amounts of bugs and fishing eating them on top.


    The Killer


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    anyone got any beta on fishing in the PNW? i’m pretty much a rookie at fly fishing, and i just moved to seattle a couple months ago, so i barely know the area at all. but my dad is coming out for a visit from vermont, and he’s a pretty seasoned fly fisher, so i’d like to take him out somewhere cool. i assume most of the western rivers are still pretty high right now… are the eastern ones looking better? thanks for any advice!

    Rico in AZ
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    I hiked into a pretty remote canyon last Saturday. Tiny creek, and small but beautiful stream bred rainbows.
    This fish was alone in this pool. I managed to sneak up without spooking him. He proceeded to reject 5 patterns in 45 minutes before I landed him with a tiny pheasant tail.

    Every fish was brightly colored, probably the most beautiful rainbows I’ve seen anywhere.

    And one more from a great day

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    great lookin’ stream Rico & good effort on the approach + right fly! Beautiful robes for these raimbows. Always amazed at the diversity of the coloratiions/patterns.

    Also enjoyed the pic above that of fly-fishing+bear! 😆 classic

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    did some fishing in the last few days, limited out on pink a few days ago and went out today and got me a 15lbs hatchery spring and 3 more pinks to limit out.

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    Few more pinks from today, the biggest being 6lbs

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    Nice haul Ray, those pinks take me back to my cannery days in AK… :thumpsup:

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    @skatebananas wrote:

    hey guys, im looking for a 3-4 weight 7-8ft pack rod, for backpacking.
    not looking to throw to much $$$ at it because it wont be my everyday rod just used once in a while in the backcountry.

    any suggestions or anyone have something they want to get rid of?

    I’m not much of a fisherman, but I picked one of these up…pretty fun and packs small.

    wasatch surf
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    Summer in the Uinta’s

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    sometimes, you get one of these MONSTERS!!!!!!

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    Fishin has been good up here in MN… not as much fly fishing done, but hoping to remedy that. I’m truly convinced a Laker is the finest fish ever up here.

    I haven’t caught one this year yet, but I’ve tried like hell.

    Most of the time you get these bastards which have teeth like knives!

    That was the 1st fish of the day going for Walleye, Bronze Backs, and Brookies.

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    I always wanted to catch one of thouse!!!!!

    Nice fish by the way :headbang:

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    Ray… That guy put up quite a fight… but, pound for pound…. a Bronzie (small mouth) will crush it.. you literally have to tire them out, so they have no fight in em. They are sooooo fun to catch on a stream trout fly rod.

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    Thats a sweet smallmouth. One of my best days on the river consisted of catching about 20 2-3 lb smallies on a small crayfish fly drifted near the bottom. The fight is awesome…

    Im just about ready to head out to the Fraser river right now to try and bag some sockeyes.

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    couple from today

    Sockeye (top)
    Pink (bottom)

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    Went out fishing for Silvers like this…

    only to find decaying Reds like these…

    and then ran off by her…

    Oh well, fish on…
    another day

    (Man I Love This Place!)

    wasatch surf
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    small stream mission in central Utah

    nice pics everyone.
    love the smallmouth, wish there was more of that here.

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    I think as the years go by, and I get better w/ the fly rod… I really enjoying getting out there. Fishing season is slowly ending, but I appreciate the fish stoke ya’ll!! :bananas:

    Rico in AZ
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    A couple pics from a couple weeks ago in the San Juans. Trip was surprisingly low on fish count, except a few nice Cutts in a tiny creek above Rico (the town).

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    Nice thread, here’s a few bull trout from Fernie, BC


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