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    wasatch surf
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    So by this time of year i have pretty muched transitioned completely into fly fishing mode. I know that there are some other dudes on that fish so put your pics up!

    Here are some from last week.

    I’m going out later today for some kansas bonefish or better known as carp. Hopefully i’ll have some pictures to share.

    Rico in AZ
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    Sweet! I’ll be posting some fish stoke now!
    Wish I would have taken some photos yesterday at Lee’s Ferry on the Colorado river, below Glen Canyon dam. 11 fish landed, 3 fish lost. All rainbows, largest 20″. Was a good day. 😀

    wasatch surf
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    Fishing has been pretty good here in Utah and South East Idaho.

    My buddy Darin just started fly fishing. This is in utah.

    Went up to my parents house in idaho. My dad had to work so i took my mom for a float down my favorite river, the henry’s fork.

    I took a break from rowing and managed to pull in this guy. Measured against my rod he hit the 20 inch mark.

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    Man that looks fun :disco:

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    Good fish Dan! Thats a pig!!! :drool:

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    I just started fly fishing myself. I’ve got alot of brookie, and small rainbow lakes/streams by my cabin on the edge of the BWCA.

    relaxing way to fish I tell ya!

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    Posted this on TGR, might as well put it up over here for my splitty brethern. These are some montana boys rip’n lip in Florida, Chile and Montucky. I’ll finish the full length DVD this summer and hopefully it will make it on the Fly Fishing Film Tour.

    sorry for the low res-hasn’t been onlined yet.


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    cool vidio – because catch only – need to eat …. sorry … this is my fate.

    Markus aka Burton

    Z Clanton
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    Ah yes… another day on the river.

    Gotta keep em cold.

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    the place

    the competition

    the prize

    Fish On!

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    NICE FISH D-Green. My mouth waters just looking at the pict.

    Fishing in Alaska is different than anyplace else for sure. I went on a fishing trip on the Alaknak R. (Glacier Bay) and saw wolves, huge beers, crazy indians, and HUGE FISH.

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    Nice thread and pics guys. Would anyone recommend a beginner (less expensive) but halfway decent fly fishing set up? I’ve been wanting to give it a try, I used to tie fly’s when I was younger, mmm, just because I like to make things but I’ve never tried throwing a line out.

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    I’m heading out to Bachelor/Tumalo for some weekend action and hoping to get some fishing in near Sparks Lake. I’m taking my ultralight setup with some small lures and my buddy will be fly fishing.

    I’m looking forward to this year’s salmon season too. Here’s a pic of a few fish from a year or two back………….

    wasatch surf
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    @mtnrider wrote:

    Nice thread and pics guys. Would anyone recommend a beginner (less expensive) but halfway decent fly fishing set up? I’ve been wanting to give it a try, I used to tie fly’s when I was younger, mmm, just because I like to make things but I’ve never tried throwing a line out.

    I would check out temple fork outfitters. TFO makes a nice rod and reel combo for about $150. You can get a set up for a lot cheaper than that but the quality is going to be pretty shitty.

    wasatch surf
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    After losing my gig at voile in mid may I have found a lot of time to chase fish. I’m trying to go to places that i always have wanted to fish, but haven’t had the chance or time. again i don’t have a job so i’m limited to places that i can afford to drive to. luckily the black canyon of the gunnison is only about 6 hours away from salt lake, and it turned out to be one of the coolest places i have ever been to. We went to hit the big stonefly hatch but high water and cold temps prevented the bugs from coming off. Thus fishing was slow but it was a pretty intense experience to cast a fly in such a wild place.

    Black Canyon of the Gunnison

    The trailhead to the Gunnison route. This route is the easiest of the six or seven ways down and still drops 1800′ in half a mile or something like that.

    My buddy darin on the chained section of trail

    Me on the trail down

    Finally down at the river. Storm rolling out sun comin in.

    The canyon is serious. Amazing stone structures everywhere you look.

    Yours truly

    The fishing was slow I caught two small browns but didn’t get a photo.

    Here are some more black canyon scenics.

    the painted wall

    We spent the rest of the time in the Gunnison Gorge cuz the fishing was a lot better

    We caught several browns that looked like this

    Similar to the Black Canyon but not as dramatic. Also the gorge had a southern utah feel.

    home for five days

    That trip was blast even though the fishing was marginal. The black canyon and town of Montrose is now on my list of places to go back to. If you are in the area make sure you swing by black canyon national park it will blow your mind.

    wasatch surf
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    so i have been fishing a shit load you can catch up on it here

    Rico in AZ
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    I went hunting Apaches…

    Not these Apaches,

    These Apaches

    Apache trout are one of two native trout to AZ, the other being the also endangered Gila trout. Back in the 50’s, AZ game & fish knew Apaches were declining bad, so they translocated a population of fish in a dark of night clandestine kind of way to this remote canyon, with a cold perenial stream, which is actually out of their native range by about 250 miles.
    I grew up fishing the small streams of the Eastern Sierra, so it’s only natural I still love to fish small streams. My wife told me about this creek in this canyon a while back, so last weekend me, wife, and dog hiked into this remote location (sorry to be kind of secretive, these fish are pretty rare), and little did I know how small this creek would be. Cool thing, just as I was packing the truck my neighbor rides up on his bike showing off his new tubeless rim setup, and I tell him where we were going, and he says he did some of the original fish population surveys after this population was translocated. Cool.
    The hike begins here, with views like this,

    The hike is damn steep, (though not as steep as Wasatch Surf’s Black Canyon adventure), it drops 1800′ in a mile and half. Nasty too, full of thorny Locust, and Stinging Nettles.
    Eventually you come to the stream. Saturday it was a welcome sight, it was hot, the two of us and our black dog got straight into the water. The creek is very small, I would guess it’s cfs to be in the single digits. The creek is tiny, and super brushy making casting almost impossible. Dapping the fly into a hole was the technique. My 7.5′ 3 weight was like casting a telephone pole, I actually wished I had something smaller & lighter.
    This is the biggest pool I found, and if you look close there’s six fish holding here.

    These fish are not timid. This stream most likely does not see more than 3 fisherman in a season. They would rise quickly for anything I threw at them, and didn’t seem to care about my hack presentation. This is the first fish, on the first cast, sorry for the shitty photo.

    Here’s a nice pic of my ass. Actually, I’m trying to be stealthy, and trying to get a good lane to back cast in as I’m trying to shoot this cast over two small pools to land the leader in the pool pictured above.

    And the happy result,

    As you can see, these fish are not huge. Or even close to nice size. The biggest I landed was maybe eight inches. But sometimes size doesn’t matter. Apaches are so beautiful; consistent olive color, spare on the spotting, large dorsal fin, elongated head. Almost as beautiful as Bonneville cutt throats. I did go on to hook fish on almost every cast, in almost every hole, and all in all a very rewarding little expedition. 😀

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    Right on Rico, sweet pictures.

    wasatch surf
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    awesome trip report! That looks awesome. There is nothing like catching native fish in a small mountian stream.

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    while floating the private section of the truckee I suckered this nice brown in on a fat orange stimulator.

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