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    Started working at Spark this summer. My buddy is a machinist there and was an integral part in making the Dyno DH a reality. Just thought I’d offer some stoke, seeing as it snowed this week and all..

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    didnt see the same thread in Bindings. mods can delete.

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    Got a sweet deal at Mountain Gear (10% off for new customer) for a pre-order Dyno’s. Stoked! Should ship out after the 24th of November 2014.

    Elected to pre-order, as I got a prompt email back concerning whether these bindings will be available mid-season

    Here is Luke’s (Spark R&D Sales Rep.) reply:


    The Dyno DH is a limited late release for this season. They’re just now coming off of the assembly line. Most of these were scooped up by European dealers, but you may want to check out REI, Mountain Gear or Tactics to pre-order some online. We hope to have some to release on our website around the new year, but I wouldn’t recommend waiting around. Check out our dealer locator to see who else may have stock in your area.


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    Any feedback on these yet???

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    I ride them since 1 week and love them! Good stabil construction, really short compared to Voile bindings, quite lightweight, no pins anymore -> quick changing into ride mode, good price/quality ratio.

    Best Mansi

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    Thanks for the feedback Mansi!

    I wonder if anyone has tried them vs the Phantoms?

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    I’ve been on these for a week now as well, all icey boilerplate conditions in the BC West Kootenays. No mellow intro, went straight into a remote hut for 3 days, couloirs, ice axes and a ton of boot packing. The Dynos have been the least worrisome part of my setup (Spark R&D adapter plates were abandoned after ~40 days on my 2nd pair, go direct mount). Massive improvement over F1 Titaniums on Voile Plates in every regard (should go without saying). Can’t compare ride & in field functionality to the Phantoms, though I have fondled those impressive pieces many times….

    Stance is about 23″, +28, +10, regular pucks, no cant. Boots are Scarpa F1s with the Bent Metal cube mod. Light (420g per binding), so far durability is on par with everything else in the splitboard world, Tesla system (no pins!) is the tits. Setup for the boot might boggle the mind of the casual snowboarder but if you’re into splitboarding for the long haul, it’s pretty easy to get dialed. Remember your loctite, yes it comes ‘preinstalled’ in the screws, no excuse not to forgo it when putting the bindings back together for your boot.

    Some clear advantages (IMO):

    Probably the most cost effective hardboot binding that exists. Not all of us get to splitboard via Visa Black. A sub $300 binding that simply works with all of the prexisting hardware over a quiver of factory and DIY splits is pretty damn awesome.

    Probably the simplest binding on the market for splitboards. No springs, pins, ratchets or other points of potential failure. One moving part to install/remove the binding from the board and it gets locked in once your boot is in the binding.

    Super low profile, 2mm baseplate + Voile pucks + boot sole, can’t get much lower without going to a whole new interface. Narrow as well, 11.5cm at the absolute widest point (side plate screws on the toe side). My front binding is less than 2cm from the Dynafit Vertical toepiece.


    Still utilizes stainless steel hardwear clamping aluminum sideplates into aluminum threads on the baseplate. Granted these won’t see the touring abuse that regular Sparks and Karakorums see, but the most common point of failure I’ve noticed with those bindings has either been the heel cups splitting around the holes where they mount or the threads of the base plates stripping out. User error perhaps (fresh loctite, don’t over torque the screws…..?) but then not every splitboarder is a rocket surgeon. I do expect long term durability of the Dyno’s to exceed those bindings as they are only utilized for the down hill, but I will wait and see.

    Availablity. Get your shit together Will. Spark is likely the largest splitboard binding manufacturer and it cannot offer a sub $300 binding without the production to match it when the closest competition is a bunch of cobbled together plastic/metal from the ski swap or an $800 NASA designed sex machine masquarading as snowboard gear built in a garage. Backordered up the wazzu, sold out accross Canada, I had to cancel my preorder and find a set down in the States to even get on them this winter.

    You will probably suffer the scorn of certain forum members for not riding the absolute best boot and binding on the market as well. so if you’re thin skinned and vain regarding the opinion of others break out the wallet…

    That was Pontus

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    Has anyone has issue with these becoming really loose in cold conditions ?
    Im not sure if its becuase of them being all metal or what but in really cold conditions (bellow -15) they seem to be very loose on my boots wheras they are not at warmer temps.

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    I did a tour last night in temps a few degrees below zero (much colder feeling with wind) and did notice a bit more play in the binding/boot interface than usual. I wouldn’t describe it as very loose–it was just a little easier than usual to flip the toe levers and I had a few mm of side to side play with under the toe bails. I didn’t really notice it while riding, just “strapping” in. I wonder if the aluminum expands in cold, or if the plastic of our boots shrinks, or some combo?

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    Very interesting point with the temperature! I had a similar effect with my Phantoms past week. Nothing I worried about, but a strange effect (and we had like -5°C this day).

    Amplid Milligram 163, Tour Operator 159 & LabCarbon 162, Phantom Alphas 14/15, Atomic Backland w/ Phantom LinkLevers,

    Patrik Lind
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    Where can I buy the Spark Dyno binding in the states?! They are listed as out of stock everywhere, even on Spark’s site.

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    Cripple Creek Backcountry has them in stock on their site

    Patrik Lind
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    CCBC didn’t have any left and they were unsure wether they would be able to order new ones.

    Ordered them here in Europe instead.

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