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    Hola compadres,

    I had a good conversation today with a friend and splitboard MFG about the possibility of having a Tahoe SplitFest this coming winter and wanted to use this thread to gauge the interest level and get your thoughts.

    Currently in California we’ve typically had the Echo Lakes SplitFest and the Cali Splitfest (didn’t really happen last year). We’ve also seen many other splitfest events pop up over the last couple years in other states as well. So one might ask….do we really need another? Probably not, but that’s not going to stop me….I think Tahoe does!

    The Echo event turnout has been pretty good and the CaliFest is always a fun time but I think there is opportunity to organize an event to be the mother of all California Splitfests and I’m motivated to make it happen.

    So with that, I’m starting to think about venues, events, clinics, lodging, tours, guest speakers, etc. I guess my main question is whether folks would come out to an event that I organize and put on as

    The motive for this event is not to make money for myself or the site but to organize a really fun/educational/stoke-filled event for everyone from experienced splitters to new splitters. While we’d all love great conditions for the event, the conditions would be less of the focus and it would be more about demoing new gear, learning new stuff, feeding off the community’s stoke, and having a good time. I would like to raise some money for the Sierra Avy Center too but that would not be the primary focus. The main goal would be to celebrate the sport and get folks stoked on splitting.

    So what say the community? Can I count on your support?

    For folks that have attended other splitfests….what did you like? What didn’t you like?

    I’ll post some more of my thoughts soon!


    EDIT: Dates and location have been set! The event will be at Clair Tappan Lodge on February 22-24 2013 :thatrocks:

    I’ll be working on this over the next couple months but here’s what I can tell you so far.

    I’ve reserved the whole Hutchinson Lodge that sleeps 25 in a loft style set-up
    The lodge has a kitchen, showers, fireplace, etc
    Cost is $25+tax per person per night and you would need to book both nights (meals are not included at this price)
    If you would like meals provided the cost is 49+tax (you’d get a meal Friday night, breakfast-lunch-dinner on Sat, and breakfast-lunch on Sunday)
    The lodge will be all yours :thatrocks: :guinness:

    I’ve also reserved 30 spots in the main Clair Taipan Lodge (room for more if we need it and don’t wait too long)
    Depending on what you want and how soon you commit will depend on the type of room you’ll get
    They have a combination of 2 person rooms, 5 person rooms, 6 person rooms, 8 person rooms and a 10 person room
    Cost for the main lodge has been discounted for us from $60 to $50 per night per person, 2 nights required
    Meals ARE included (you’d get a meal Friday night, breakfast-lunch-dinner on Sat, and breakfast-lunch on Sunday)

    To reserve a spot you can do so now (sooner the better) by calling the lodge at 530-426-3632 and mention event. Ask for James but anyone should be able to help you book a spot.

    Lots more info coming over the next few weeks. :thumbsup:


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    Sounds great! I bet I can rally some people from Oregon to head down. When are you thinking?

    Only advice I can give is don’t try to drag a keg of beer up several thousand feet on a homemade keg sled. After that, it’s all good!

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    @Jefe009 wrote:

    Only advice I can give is don’t try to drag a keg of beer up several thousand feet on a homemade keg sled.


    The date is a tough one…maybe february.

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    I am up for a departure from my normal ritual of trying to keep up with the AT and tele buddies! Sounds fun!!

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    Yes! Do it! North shore? Presidents weekend? :thumbsup:

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    @swanny wrote:

    Yes! Do it! North shore? Presidents weekend? :thumbsup:

    This…or MLK weekend!


    we could have a donner party

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    If I have any Triad bindings left by then, I wouldn’t mind donating a pair.

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    Definitely leaning towards North Lake for this one…

    can’t do Pres or MLK weekends tho

    I’m excited to make this happen.

    Thanks for the comments so far guys! :thatrocks: :thumbsup:

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    Whoohoo…this is getting fun! :thatrocks:

    Just had a great conversation with the good folks at the Clair Tappan Lodge! This is the same spot of the very, very first SplitFest that took place in 2005. 🙂

    Here’s some deets on the lodge in no specific order.

    The lodge is located in Norden (Donner Summit) and has great access to the North Lake Tahoe backcountry. There are both easy and difficult tours in the area and it would also would have access to road roads off the legendary Old Donner Summit Rd. It’s very close to Castle Peak and Sugarbowl Ski area as well. Sugarbowl has a good boundary policy and even offers one-ups where you can buy a one-way lift ticket to take advantage of the lifts to access the bc. The west shore goodness is fairly close too.

    The lodge sleeps and feeds 140 but we cant reserve the whole place on the weekends but we could definitely reserve 50-75+.

    Cost is $60 per person/per night and INCLUDES a meal on the night of arrival as well as breakfast and a sack lunch for the day. We “might” be able to swing a small group discount of $10 as well if we get enough attendees.

    Since we can’t book the whole lodge we wouldn’t be able to use the community area for a raffle/slide show/etc but we can use the the dinning room after dinner which seats 140 and should work well.

    For sleeping it’s primarily rooms with bunks

    The open area

    We’d also be able to have alcohol (keg) and possibly a outside campfire. We just can’t get out of hand (quite time in the lodge is 10pm).

    There is also room to set up some vender booths for demos outside and maybe an area to do some beacon search contests, split ski race, etc.

    Another option in addition to the CTL is the neighboring Hutchinson Lodge which sleeps 25. I think this would be perfect for the folks on a budget (cost is $25ish per person/per night but does not include meals). It does have a kitchen however and could be a great spot for the folks looking to get loose since we could easily fill the whole lodge. Sleeping is slightly more rustic, think 4inch pads on the floor in a loft area.

    Hutchinson Lodge

    I’m really liking the sound of this location! Initial thoughts on dates would be Feb 22-24th.

    CTL and HL are only an hour away from Reno airport too making it easy for outoftowners looking to fly in.

    What say splitters???

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    Re the raffle.

    One of the things I’ve disliked about raffles in the past is when non-splitters win a high ticket item such as a splitty and then they go sell it.

    To prevent this from happening I’m thinking of having 2 raffles. One for anyone and everyone and one exclusive to members (or at least splitters in general). Funds from both would go to whatever cause we pick (SAC most likely) and ensure that the big items go to good homes. :thatrocks:

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    Adam West

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    One thing that I have loved seeing over the course of the few splitfests I have been to was giving a prize of significant value to the splitter who finds the hidden avy beacon. Always a bonus to put those skills to use.

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    I’m keen!

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    sounds good to me :thumpsup:
    i’d be happy to help with planning too.

    The Clair Tappan Lodge was super cool when we did it in 05. a repeat of that would be awesome – esp. if burt and zeller show up.

    and, yes, work out a good system for the raffle. i like the beacon search idea.

    the raffle at echo last year, was………..well, it was discouraging with the monopoly that happened.

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    Thought on the raffle…Give each participant 2 tickets upon arrival. One goes in the raffle container for all but the grand prize. Each participant can only win one item so the prizes are distributed to all guests. Throw in stickers or something for non winners so everybody walks away with something.

    The second ticket will go into the grand priz raffle container. Allow participants to buy as many tickets as they wish to allow the greatest profitability to our local avy center or wherever.

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    On the raffel should go like this your going to have SPLIT Tour people on the days of tour get a voucher with gives them the right to buy tickets for the upper end stuff. Woodn’t want to make peps 😥 no reason to have two raffels thay’d just lie and say there spliters. or you need to bring in your board to show proof on day of raffel. I’m in and i know my hommie Aboardingfool is in make it happin and thay will come :thatrocks:

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    if the dates work out I’ll roll up :doobie: :guinness:

    165 Venture Divide/Spark Frankenburners/La Sportiva Spantiks
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    Sooner a date is set the sooner it can get blocked off on the calendar. Super hyped! I will definitely be there. Lodge looks awesome and it would be great to explore the N Lake area with some peeps!

    Live in Truckee and down to help w/ planning & execution. Let me know what I can do to help!

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    Dates have been set for February 22-24, 2013 at Clair Tappan Lodge :thatrocks:

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