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    Check out the new article on Carbon split boards on the homepage. Thanks to Amplid, Jones and Prior for assisting us with their expertise on the subject.

    The Carbon Decision – Are these splits for you?


    “Jones Snowboards Carbon Solution split 158 weighs in at 2.9 kg / 6.39 lbs. which is the same as the 158 Solution but the ride characteristics are much different.”

    This confuses me. My 2015 161 Carbon Solution is well over a pound lighter than my older 161 Solution.


    I had the 2015 158 Carbon Solution and the 2015 158 Solution in my hands for a few days. I have not ridden either of them. The Carbon Solution was a couple of ounces lighter than the regular solution according to my scale. It was a very small difference.

    I returned the Carbon Solution because I will not be able to flex the board from the mid section back through the tail when riding. I could only flex it a little by standing on it and pulling up the tail. The regular Solution had what I consider a much more reasonable flex.

    The Carbon Solution had quite a bit more camber than the regular Solution and less rocker in the nose. It also really seemed to want to return to its cambered profile when flexed where as the Solution seems more forgiving.


    @BGnight yeah I was pretty suprised myself when Seth told me that.

    I’m sure the reason there is such a weight difference between your old solution and the newer solution is due to the updated cores, topsheets and carbon quadglass.


    Good article. Thanks for putting it together.

    One other issue with carbon is the topsheet color. I’d be curious to know the barriers to doing something non black. BD seems to have solved this with their carbon BC skis.


    I think it’s like, if you paid for a Ferarri, you want it in red.

    i.e. Typically folks who pay for a [more expensive, better] carbon board want theirs to look distinct from the [hoi polloi] glass boards. At least that’s the analogy in the bike world.
    CF bikes have been around for about 25 years and only recently have they not featured the layup as part of the aesthetic design (except for the reeallly weight weenie bikes). Because the prestige of carbon bikes has decreased as CF has become more ubiquitous, the “I wanna show off my fancy bike” factor in bike design has decreased too.

    To borrow a term from the car world. . . You are suggesting a “sleeper” snowboard.

    THere is no manufacturing reason why not.

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    Prior uses a regular top sheet on their carbon boards. You can’t tell my XTC split from any other of their boards until you pick it up.

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    @dishwasher-dave the topsheet color will come down to if they utilize a topsheet or not. Prior uses a standard sublimated nylon topsheet allowing various graphics and colors to be used. Amplid’s Carbon Lab does not utilize a topsheet which leaves the carbon material exposed. OZsnowboards is also using a topsheep on their carbon boards that has some type of anti glopping/snow shedding compound.

    Like @HansGLudwig said, I think it comes down to what people like aesthetically and if the Mfg. wants the extra weight of a topsheet.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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