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    I spent the last week up here with Dr. Nick and the two Adams (P. and W.) along with only five others. 9 people in a hut that holds 20 is a very nice luxury….

    It’d snowed quite a bit just before we flew in – Dr. Nick and I spent a couple days touring up at Rogers Pass enjoying the 50cm of storm snow.

    On Day 1, we decided to let things settle out a bit in the alpine and headed for the trees to orientate ourselves. It turns out the trees are quite convoluted and short. About 900 feet was the most relief we could find. Tons of pillows and lots of fresh snow meant face shots galore.

    We awoke on day 2 to extremely cold temperatures – like -25C plus strong wind. The group collectively headed up into the alpine towards Friendship Col. Adam W. and I climbed Mount Damon, while some others attempted Sentinel. Adam W. managed to get a massive frost bite blister on his toe and I probably wasn’t far away from having the same. Ski boots don’t provide much warmth, especially when you’re using thin socks to stop other types of blisters. Adam P. also managed to break a strap on his Blaze bindings. A broken pole and destroyed pants completed the gear carnage for the week.

    On Day 3, the Adams exchanged straps to sort out Adam. P’s broken binding and I lent my soft setup to Adam W. The four splitboarders headed back up towards friendship col with the plans to make laps. Great turns were had on a 1,500 foot shot, but the cold temperatures remained. I was losing feeling in the toes and bailed for the hut (locking my heels for the first time on a split ski descent) while the other three headed for a single short lap in the trees.

    And then it snowed. The next 4 days saw continual snow fall and thankfully, some warmer temperatures. It’s amazing how nice -15C with no wind feels when you’ve become accustomed (?!?!) to -40C with windchill!! The short tree laps offered up contrails of powder and hero snow conditions for jumping off of things. By the last day, my ankles were swollen from probably too much hard boot, but it didn’t much matter. Conditions had gotten so deep that downhill progress was difficult and most of those who headed out soon returned to join me in watching the snow attempting to bury the hut.

    We managed to catch our heli ride on Saturday, but just barely. Conditions weren’t that great and more snow was forecast for the next couple of days. We spent several hours digging the vehicles out of the staging parking lot and eventually made our way down the closed #1 highway to Golden.

    I couldn’t imagine 20 people fighting for space in the minimal trees around the hut. I should have done more research, but just (incorrectly) assumed that northern Selkirks had to mean decent tree riding. It would be a truly spectacular place to ride in later winter with good stability in the alpine.

    The hut from the heli pad – doesn’t look too far, but we were the first group in for the year – making tough trail breaking and many laps to haul stuff up to it.

    Another view taken from just slightly above the hut on the way up for day #1

    From the top of the treed ridge, you can just make out the hut – roughly in the middle of the photo

    Adam W. tucks in under the pillows on the way to another lap.

    Short but sweet. Shot from the moraine above the creek at the base of the trees.

    All 9 hut occupants heading up towards friendship col – the obvious low point in the middle of the horizon.

    Adam P.

    Dr. Nick

    Adam W.

    Unbelievably cold here in the shadow waiting for our turn to climb up the col. Check out the wind on the ridge!

    Adam W. making the final few steps towards the summit of Mount Damon.

    A panorama starting at the shoulder of Sentinel and panning to the east…

    A panorama starting at the shoulder of Sentinel and panning to the east…

    A panorama starting at the shoulder of Sentinel and panning to the east…

    A panorama starting at the shoulder of Sentinel and panning to the east…

    The Adamants are quite unique looking and apparently lots of fun if you’re into rock climbing. This is Gog and Magog up close.

    Dr. Nick milking some turns on day #3.

    The Adams making turns – in alphabetical order top to bottom.

    I bailed early on this day – found a ton of frost on the outside of the liners!

    Day #4 was day #1 of heavy snowfall. Trail breaking started out knee deep to upper thigh and got worse….

    Dr. Nick from the arm pits up

    Adam P.’s head is visible. Sorta.

    Adam W. looks pretty happy. Blower snow and it’s only -15C. I think he likes the loaner Khbyer too!

    Adam P.’s white face tells the story.

    Adam P. charging down a pillow line.

    Dr. Nick takes flight with a contrail of snow.

    Adam W. on step 2 of this 4 set.

    Adam P. jumps off yet another pillow into bottomless snow.

    The last day. I took it off, but my camera didn’t. Adam P. is standing up right. Too deep? Maybe a bit…


    Looks like a cool hut. And yes it looks very deep, that last photo is crazy.


    Some nice terrain, sweet trip.

    Kyle Miller

    Know any Canadian girls looking to exchange citizenship šŸ˜‰

    Could it be too deep :scratch:


    those are some fun looking canadian pillows. Nice stuff.


    Epic as always Wade. See you next weekend.

    That was Pontus


    Epic! Respect to Billy, for an amazing cabin in an amazing environment. It is hard to beat skiing those lines then drinking beers in that sauna


    @Kyle Miller wrote:

    Know any Canadian girls looking to exchange citizenship šŸ˜‰

    Could it be too deep :scratch:

    Whilest you are searching for honies Mr. Miller, wanna count me in on that tab? šŸ™‚

    SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICK trip Treepilot! Thanks for the pow stoke!

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