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    No new snow, but DANG the surf got big here yesterday. Im posting these for those who have been here and those who will come. The surf was too big for most spots in san diego. Here is my secret spot. After the morning fog cleared there were a few boats out. Hard to judge the size in the photo, but the larger boat is 38 feet.

    The waves were wrapping around point loma

    I did manage to get wet. I went after work and caught two waves in 45 minutes before it got dark. Two BIG waves, fins humming as I went down the line. Surfed till dark. What a great day.

    More big waves:

    affix snow
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    damn. those are boats!?

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    See.. This is what I get for taking leave of the West coast. Bout damn time we got a big winter swell! Point Loma looks like loooads of fun. That ‘secret spot’ (baja?) looks like somewhere I wouldnt want to be stuck inside of… nice left. high tide?

    Surfs up! If we have a good season, it might start to get in the way of the splitboarding.. Easier approach.



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    The “secret spot” is in town. It can only be surfed if you have a boat, so a big crow here is anything over 10 people. Only problem on a big day is you have to keep an eye on your boat,cause if you loose the anchor you either loose the boat or you have a long swim to catch it depending on the current

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    Nice! I think I would crap my wetsuit in those conditions. Now I see why the point is called ‘Little Waimea.’

    We got the big swell up here, too. But we’ve also had some all-around crappy weather. I’m fine with rain & wind IF it’s snowing in the mountains. But sadly it rained to 9000 ft once again.

    P420 – We’ll be in San Clemente through the 27th. Email me if you feel like cruising North for a Tressles sess. It’s supposed to fire all week.

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    I have no sense of perspective with the photos. How big are we talking here? I remember getting good swells on the OR coast in the fall, but I was a just vulgar kayak-surfer then.

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    hmm…lighthouse…secret spot near point loma…any shore access or only by boat?

    pretty sweet.

    where do you ride down in so cal?

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    good stuff p420. 8)

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    Boat access only, thats why its called “secret” . And I ride mostly at snow summit when inbounds, thats because I patrol there. Nothing down south gives me a thrill except San Gorgonio.And as far as size? I would say it was 8-10 with occasional 12. Not huge by the standard up north, but clean and controllable

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    SICK and BIG! 8) Nice stoke and way to get after it. P420 gettin’ ‘er done! Nice photos! Cheers.

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    Same storm gave Alaska SE swell 7’@13s last friday. Super clean, long, and fast 8 foot A-frames with glassy offshore conditions. Perfect! 38 degree water and air. Really nice to have the surf option when it rains to 3000 feet.

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    Ohhh… 38 degree water is a surf option?!? Just thinking about that made my nuts retract to somewhere north of my liver.

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

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    I lived in long Island New York for 2 winters. I have surfed this 38 degree water also. Snow on the beach as you get in. But hey with 8 foot hollow barrels, offshore wind and nobody out you gotta go surfing 😛

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    wow! impressive and scarry looking. how long does a person have to surf to try and ride that big of wave? i’ll bet it’s nice to have a choice between surf & snow daily. happy new year, maybe 2006 can be the year of all years for big snow!

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