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    I just found the most essential piece of backcountry gear since the avy transceiver. You know how sometimes you’re in the backcountry, and you just want a damn banana?? But if you put it in your pack it gets bruised, and nobody wants a bruise on their banana. Well, enter the Banana Guard!!

    Alternate definitions at notwithstanding, this thing actually works. It does in fact accomodate quite a range of banana shapes and sizes. And of course it is quite a conversation piece when you whip it out, so to speak.

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    Oh where do the comments begin?

    affix snow
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    I dont even know were to start……..

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    Dood! I actually own a banana guard! It is the crudest-looking piece of fruit protection gear, ever! But does protect a banana pretty well…

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

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    Ha…… too bad that thing is not big enough for my banana! 😀

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    how can you intergrate this with Shat Shorts? I see a joint venture on the horizon.

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    I hear OCD is adamant about guarding his banana in the BC… and keeping it clean and well groomed too.

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    The banana guard is now in the Gear Room.

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

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    And I thought I was radical making a PVC tube to carry an apple or orange, nothing better than some fresh fruit after a hike or skin into something nice…but I have never thought of eating a banana…but the container compared to the photo of the banana hammock dies disturb.

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    @Will wrote:

    First picture that came to my mind as well. There is something wrong with me.

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    needs some sort of insulation too. my banana froze stiff this past weekend. my wife was stoked though.

    el diablo
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    i like to keep my banana a little on the warm side cause if it gets cold it shrinks and then nobody wants it

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