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    My name is Travis Rice, I have a shit ton of money, burn a lot of gas, split sometimes, and I KILL IT:

    Rico in AZ
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    well, we all know t.rice didn’t do deeper to make any kind of enviromental statement, really just to prove he can kill it on a splitboard too.

    but, shooting fireworks at your buddies on the highway is pretty damn funny.

    brain farm makes a sick film.

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    Looks Sick!

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    Move over “Deeper”, time to share that platform!

    I especially liked the snomo air! :rock: I for one am glad that not all of our snowboarding hero’s are environmental whackos. :thumpsup:

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    This movie will be f’n insane. That was a big ol cornice they ripped out. 3 guys ripping spines together too?! Thats too much gnar to comprehend. 😯 Can’t wait. :headbang: Another Friggen 8 months though… :banghead:

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    WOW! Awesome! I loved the guy hanging on the Heli in flight!

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    Looks sweet. I don’t really think Jeremy Jones is an enviro wako though..

    Guess everyones is looking forward to “buying” this dvd.

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    In all complete honesty, if I had access to millions of funds and had the riding ability, I wouldn’t think twice about doing what Travis is doing! And, Lando and Travis are SUPER cool dudes! I’ve had the pleasure of meeting them both.

    All I gotta say, is that John Jackson’s 100 foot air off that Alaska pillow is beyond all riding magnitude I’ve ever seen…

    I also heard that they all almost got killed in a firey heli crash… That they actually had to shut the engines down and land on a knife edge ridge top to chop ice off the blades…

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    Nice to hear he’s a cool person. I’m glad he’s using his gifts and I’m sure he has his own problems like everyone but seems he keeps his chin up. This movie looks off the chain.

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    If I hadn’t rode 6 hours straight of pow today I would have jizzed my pants after watching that trailer. Fucking siiiiiick :rock:

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    @rughty wrote:

    I for one am glad that not all of our snowboarding hero’s are environmental whackos. :thumpsup:

    Haha you can’t deny the radness that the trailer served up. Hippy or otherwise! :headbang:

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    WOW! I think I just OD’d on stoke.
    Amazing quality footage.

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    Had the pleasure of watching (and rewatching) this over the weekend and will say it definitely didn’t disappoint. I had high expectations, and some of the footage was still jaw dropping. I’ve known T. Rice is next level for some time, but it’s rad to see he continues to push the bar with his titanium balls.

    It’s long at around 1:20, but well worth your time…

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    Long? No way. That movie was pure :disco: :bananas: :drool: :rock: :bow:

    My buddy put it perfectly, finally someone who actually can compete with skiers in AK. I had unbelieveably high expectations and they were surpassed. Best snowboard movie I have ever seen.

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    yup…pretty unreal film….sickest parts were AK, TRice & Nic Mueller in Revi & then Mark Landvik’s couple of kickers…so incredibly styley!

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    Gotta say, its a pretty sweet flim, lots of crazy red cam stuff and super high tech – but I’ve been more stoked off movies without all that jazz before. This is just “thats it thats all” the sequel (now with propane tank explosions!)

    Did I enjoy it? Hell yeah. Did it live up to the trailer I’ve seen pasted all over the net for the last year? no.

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    So I downloaded this from Itunes and have watched it everyday for the last 4 days, its truly jaw-dropping! Despite its complete lack of splitboarding (couldn’t they have done just one scene?), it was inspirational, just terrific. This movie is a complete game-changing revolution of a snowboard flick. I think it went leaps and bounds above Thats it Thats all from a snowboard perspective, though I missed some of the landscape shots (like the sunset over NZ alps, and monster avies) that dropped my jaw and melted my mind in TITA. But really, the level of snowboarding is so cool.

    I definitely saw things in this film I have never seen or even conceived of (tree bonk mid backflip?). T Rice does some nice narration and while the film doesn’t get too deep and meaningful, it shows you glimpses of the challenges they faced and definitely not everything goes perfect, which was nice to see.

    Furthermore, I met T Rice and the team at a signing this afternoon in Vancouver (unfortunately the premiere is hella sold out and my group tickets fell through). The guy is super friendly, down to earth, shook everyone’s hand as he walked in the door and spent a good amount of time with everyone during the signing, he absolutely loves what he does (wouldn’t you though?) and deserves all the success and pure talent!

    Travise Rice also let me know that they will release some tickets at the door for the premiere in Vancouver tonight, if anyone still wants to go, go early and you might just get a ticket!

    Final comment, I still gotta give credit to JJ for making deeper such a sick film but human powered. Its gotta be exponentially easier to pull this flick off with a monsterous heli budget. But that takes nothing away from the feats of this film.

    I will moste definitely be getting my signed poster framed, its a beauty!

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    Just got back from the Vancouver showing. It really was a pretty visually attractive movie, and I did enjoy it a lot! (Especially the part where they were sitting on a helicopter to keep it from falling off the mountain).

    Maybe it was just my high expectations, but I feel like I enjoyed That’s It, That’s All more. And there have been other movies that have given me more stoke at the beginning of the season (It’s Always Snowing Somewhere Else, anyone?).

    Anyway, if you’re going to see it at one of the tour stops, don’t make the stupid mistake of getting up when the first credits appear (as 5 or 6 people did tonight). Seems to be safe to get up later, when the credits actually start rolling up the screen though.


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    Sky and I couldn’t wait for the Squaw premier and had to get our fix via iTunes (well worth the 9.99 for the HD version!).

    Holy sheeet it’s sick. Super visually pleasing, super amazing spots, and super sick sick riding. I was expecting a lot due to all the hype and would say it well exceeded it. Cool to see JJ in there too!


    I don’t want to be that guy but I was a little disappointed. Still definitely worth my $10 and the riding is next level, but I got tired of the slow mo helicopter shots. I know redbull spent tons of money but it just felt like large portions of the movie were dominated by rotor shots. The alaska section was by far the sickest but so much of the middle part of the movie shows a couple of subpar lines in Chile and one line in Argentina. More Alaska/Wyoming and less SA.

    As long as I’m hating…hard to sympathize with Landvik after he gets caught in the avy and banged up. If it is so dangerous (which it was) how about wearing a helmet….I’m sure redbull could slap some stickers on it and make it look sweet. Ok, my righteous rant for the night is done…looking forward to twelve and Bode’s double ender part :headbang:

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