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    Finished up the New board just in time, starting to snow in the upper elevations and will be riding soon.
    So who has new equipment in the closet waiting to try out this season?

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    What a beauty! And you made it. Let’s hear a little about your thinking behind this design!


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    It has a collection of qualities from different boards I admire, cambered underfoot with early rise nose shaped with reverse sidecut nose and tail. magnetraction . The inside was an experiment though,mixed glass and carbon so the weight is a little heavier than my full carbon but wanted a more damp board for mixed conditions.

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    Great Looking board Vapor! Such a rush to ride your own. Now you’ll be prowling lumber suppliers and composite fabric sites instead of snowboard sites.

    mmm yes that little stash of accumulating winter gear.

    I got the orange Pomoca 140mm Free (100% synthetic, $100 🙂 from Snow Inn-Spain) skins that seem really cool. Got the split specific 145mm for my wife as well. They are thin and roll up as tight as the Jones Skins (also made by Pomoca), feel just as light but should have better traction. I’m all about traction, on the ridges, on the surface hoar, chasing more fit people up for laps 3, 4, and onward. They might win out over my Climbing skins direct ones with the awesome Norwegian sweater pattern which are stiffer and have lots of grip and tenacious glue, who knows.

    I have to custom the tip for snowboards and am adding the pomoca top fix and notch to the tail, like the Jones skins use. They are more the ease-of-use type glue, not the I-don’t-care-how-cold-it-is or how many laps we’ve made type of skin glue like the CSDs have, so I think they need a tail helper.

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    Nice ride Vapor. Where are you located that you are getting snow already?

    After many years of riding a solid and a few years of AT skiing, this is my first season w/ a split board setup so stoked to get out on the new equipment as well.

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    Good for you to join the club.Im a few hours from Rogers pass and the snow level is dropping to 1500 meters around here. North aspect glaciers around Revelstoke are what the locals hit first, you can drive pretty close and top out at about 2400. Will see what the actual conditions are like sunday!!

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