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    Aehem, maybe take a look at the cover and you should be able to answer our own question 😉

    After much research, experimentation and consideration, I have decided adulthood is not for me. Thank you for the opportunity.


    ha ha, lol, I need to get myself as soon as possible to the mountains to reset my brain…thanks!

    But I did not see the XV Magtek Split in a 164 Wide version before, so I thought that the 2014/2015 indication was only there to distract me and that I was actually looking at the new, not yet released brochure for 2015/2016….hmmm, to much complot theory thinking maybe, but I can not find the 164 Wide version of the XV Magtek on their website either…anyone to help me out? Or who can deliver the 164 Wide version to me?


    I tried looking for more info and pics on the XV/Plum binding, but couldn’t find anything other than the vague zoomed out pic in the catalog. Anyone else find anything?


    I just saw on page 20 of the Rossi catalogue, a woman’s solid binding called “Tesla.”
    Um. . . Spark might have to defend or loose trademark registration (or vice versa) a la Specialized & “Roubaix”

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    Over new year I met a french guy at Revelstoke resort who was demo’ing and renting Salomon boards with Plum Feyan prototypes several pairs (6), the bindings are definitely a work of art! Didn;t get to ride them but had a good play in the shop. I suspect big $$$ didn’t talk pricing with him I was just curious to see them.

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    Here’s a video on the Plum interface


    That is a better video than the one I have already seen, but I am still interested in seeing the difference between the Rosignol XV / Plum colab. It appears to be different than the Plum binding. Maybe a bit beefier?! It shows a small pic in the Rosignol catalog.


    ^The Plum/Rossi colab in the catalogue shows a pic of the Plum binding from a previous season with different colors and straps. Note the full wrap heelcup compared to this year’s; the guy in the vid mentioned this.

    I like Rossi’s wide sizes for their XV board.

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    enjoy the ride

    Hey guys, maybe you can see a bit more in the presentation video at our first impression session!

    Maybe the presentation vid, we got from Xavier De Le Rue at the ISPO Tradeshow 2015 helps:

    Would be nice if anybody can tell me how to embed videos at your page, thanks and cheers!


    Thanks Hans for the confirmation. I do like the looks and tech Plum system!


    All you need is the YouTube url without the extra stuff. Thats your link minus the “?list=UUNTu97_ei4_hnlMzzbdxQOA” part.
    Thats’s “https:// www. youtube. com/ watch?v= mRs1LIV8nwc” without all the spaces.
    YouTube urls have an eleven digit ID following “watch?v=” which the new forum engine recognizes and embeds. The rest of that url has to do with your playlist or when to start the vid and makes the forum not embed your link.

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Viewing 11 posts - 121 through 131 (of 131 total)
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