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    New Karakoram forged carbon interface

    New Tesla Men’s models

    New Tesla based Female binding

    Rip-N-Flip High Backs

    New Baseplate kit

    Updated heel locker for the new base plates

    New Spark Pucks

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    I stand corrected and stoked 🙂
    It’s ironic to see all these shapes from my youth reemerging, guess its hip now.

    Shark Snowsurf Chuna
    Voile V-Tail 170 BC
    Voile One Ninety Five
    Spark R&D Arc

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    ^^I want one. Awesome looking board!

    WUT? is right. Not much info out there that I could find on Rodin. I see some potential for these in the tech touring ski market.

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    Next years Deeluxe XVe will also allow greater range of motion up to -8 degrees. Similar to the Jones 32 boot there is a zippered lace cover which provided grater protection and waterproofing.

    Deeluxe Catalog:

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    Home run.


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    A little more info on Venture.

    Click to access Venture_Catalog_15_16.pdf

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    The Spark line up is strong. Surge binder in a Seahawk colorway because everybody loves football now. The expedition 3 pole looks nice with the foam grips and improved riser flip.

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    Were Voile or Prior at the show?

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    Great stuff–and I LOVE that Venture Euphoria shape and top sheet design.

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    Texas and Illinois??? How is this a thing? Something doesn’t add up.

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    ^ ha, thats funny…I grew up on the south side of Chicago and i can tell you almost everyone I know, family or friends, owns a pair of skis or a snowboard, even though they might only go a few times a year. During the winter months a ski trip to Wisconsin, Michigan or out West is enough to boost moral and pull you through the depressing midwest winters. Or I’m sure a few are comforted even by simply owning a pair of skis or snowboard with the thought of someday hitting the slopes.

    Its a strange world, I now live in Salt Lake City and am amazed by how many people don’t ski or snowboard or have never even been up into the mountains when they live 10 minutes away.

    People in the midwest will drive 3-5 hours to ski ice.

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    Still don’t really understand the Rodin alpine board. Touring mode locking lever needs pulled up to lock the touring tour piece. Big boots or toe overhang would unlock your binding while touring especially when climbing. Also the gap in the middle doesn’t make much sense. the rear side where the board comes back together would slow the board down I would think. And what happens when you hit a rock or branch under the surface. Core shots are easier to fix than a destructed edge or knees from snags.

    On another note, I would like to know the difference between the new tesla bases vs. the old ones. Other than the heel lockers of course. And screw Seahawks colors. Where’s my Patriots colors? LOL

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    Very true. I grew up in NE and my buddies who still live there have their own gear. It may not be completely up-to-date but they have it. I have more friends in Seattle that I have to wait for at the hill or convince to rent from somewhere in town for the day because they’ll never buy ski/snowboard equipment.

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    I didn’t understand the huge gap in the middle either for the Rodin system. Their websites tends to put emphasis on the ability ski, tour, and ride in one system. They call their system an “Alpine Split.” I guess there’s a demand to have the option to ski.

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    You know, I don’t see the appeal. I ski and snowboard and I think I’d be scared to death to ski down in the BC in soft snowboard boots. But I’m nowhere near as awesome as the Wizard of the Wasatch.

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