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    Never Summer Prospector Split

    Never Summer Raven Split (Women’s)

    Nitro Doppleganger

    Nitro Nomad Split

    Nitro Volta (Women’s)

    Smokin Jetson Split

    Smokin POW WOW Split

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    Salomon is making a touring boot akin to the TLT6. The “explore” model could be a contender for modification. A bit heavier then the TLT 6 but has a similar touring mechanism.

    enjoy the ride
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    We have just finished our first impression splitboard test of some of the 15-16 splitboard gear.
    If you are interested check this out:

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    Stoked to see a wide version of the Rossi split, and a soft boot with the ability of negative angle for skinning.


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    WHAT? New pucks from Spark?

    New pucks from Spark!



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    The pucks overlap the board halves? Nice. Forward leeeeeaaannnnnnnn.

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    The R&D lab at ThirtyTwo has worked side-by-side with Jeremy Jones to deliver a boot that fits exactly what he needs while spending weeks on end in some of the harshest conditions on the planet. Designed with a mountaineer in mind, the new Jeremy Jones pro model features a waterproof zip-up cover to prevent your laces from freezing, a Vibram sole for withstanding the rigors of crampons and a BOA-enabled rear flap to increase your range of motion while splitboarding. It is also celebrating 20 years of snowboarding with its new team movie, 2032, due this fall.- From Snowboardmag

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    Sparks stuff is looking nice! I heard the heel-lock has been changed for next year. The new forward lean mech looks very user-friendly.

    Being a 32 fan, it’s nice to see them re-introduce the Ultralight this season, and the Jones model for next season looks promising. The Keen-style rubber toe is cool. The boot has some great features, but 4 different closure styles…zipper, big laces, inner laces, and Boa. That just seems like too much shit going on or that could break. What did the splitboarder say when he ran out of weed? Bro, my boots are broken.

    Did you get to play around with or try on the Jones boot? What’s the price?

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    New spark looks great, had little doubt they’d get the lean adjust sorted.

    Most intriguing thing about the Jones boot is the rear release (walk mode). Having done a fair amount of tinkering to mod the current Spark lean adjuster it became clear my soft boots were the impediment to stride length, not the toe interface. As someone who has little interest in icy sidehilling, or mountaineering (tech toe setup) this is just what I’ve been waiting for, but I have to agree with permnation, all the other fiddly shit is overkill.

    Powslash the Euphoria looks to remains the same as 14/15, the other deck is a collab with Smith.
    Its in this photoset

    Shark Snowsurf Chuna
    Voile V-Tail 170 BC
    Voile One Ninety Five
    Spark R&D Arc

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    Yes, great to see a soft boot with walk mode, despite its over-engineering. A big, or longer, step forward. I wonder if there will be others?

    Fun to see all the pow shapes too.


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    Inner boa is the shit. I wish Fitwell’s had inner boa. I’m looking to move away from K2 T1’s as my resort boot. I’ll definitely give the 32’s a look. And they’d be good for most backcountry stuff and I can keep my Fitwells on the shelf except when I need something more gnarly. Curious how stiff the sole and toe box is (for kicking steps and booting all day up volcanos). That’s the most important part. I have my doubts they got either right looking at the boot. I could care less about the walk mode. Funny how much you guys geek out on your stride. You’d think you needed to do lunges to get anywhere 😀

    Nothing inspiring in the board category yet except maybe that Nitro.

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    @permnation between work and family stuff neither Chris or I was able to make it to SIA this year. If I get more info I’ll pass it along.

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    New Karakoram light weight ankle strap

    Smokin Splits

    Rome Splits

    Burton Splits

    Photos from Transworld Snowboarding

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    Powslash the Euphoria looks to remains the same as 14/15, the other deck is a collab with Smith.
    Its in this photoset

    That pic came from the Venture FB page, caption said Euphoria. Either way, looks fun. The Nitro 183 ST looks wicked. Wondering what base profile they went with. So many powder shapes…so little powders.

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    So many powder shapes…so little powders.


    Big things coming from Spark next season. The Magneto and Afterburner models will be discontinued and replaced by two models with upgraded Tesla baseplates. There is an upgraded heel locker for the new base plate. The Rip-N-Flip highbacks are backwards compatible allowing them to be used with older spark bindings. Next year Spark is also rolling out 2 women’s specific binding models.

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    Powslash the Euphoria looks to remains the same as 14/15, the other deck is a collab with Smith.
    Its in this photoset

    Nope, Euphoria gets regular sidecut this year. Should be interesting as you’ll actually be able to rideit on hardpack.

    Venture also came out with a carbon Zelix split. Light and snappy!

    Those Jones boots are pretty cool, walk mode is pretty nice.

    Karakoram’s are looking really nice with their new interface. Hoping to check that out at the on snow this week.


    Anyone got some info on those new Spark R&D orange bindings? Looks superlight and pretty cool!

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