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    Was in the process of peacefully reading the backcountry/avy section of when we got hit by a massive earthquake out here. Glad the building help up ok. Was a nightmare gathering the family together after that. Holly sh*t that was scary, especially when I looked out the window and saw some buildings were on fire… A lot of you guys on here are from cali, so you are all too familiar with this as well. Getting hit by an aftershock as I type this…sucks.

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    Be safe out there. I was up pretty late last night here in NV and heard the news as soon as it broke. I have a few friends out there and thoughts and prayers to all the victims of this tragedy. :grouphug:

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    Thanks for the post. Hang in there!

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    +++Vibes. Keep us updated.

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    I started to work this morning and I had a text from my sister . I turned around and went home because I work at sea level and didnt want to be hit with a Tsunamia .

    I then was told we were on a tsunami advisory. Nothing has hit yet, but we arent expecting much

    Good Luck to you, I know how scary these things are. Especially the aftershocks. I heard you guys are getting 3-4 per hour and they are above 6.0 😯


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    Glad you survived through the earthquake.

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    well glad you are ok and many many positive vibes to all in japan now! so sorry to hear about this. as for cali folks if you are thinking of checking it out, maybe not such a good idea?!

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    I hope nobody was up touring when that hit. Can you imagine the avalanches that could produce?

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    My prayers go out to all of you in Japan. Stay safe and think positive.

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    Thanks everybody for the well wishes.

    As I wake up this morning we keep on getting hit by quakes and early warning keep on coming on my phone. It seems most of the civilian airports are closed although I did hear some were opening up. At least we have food, water and shelter and the family is ok so we are very fortunate. The North-East of Japan has been devastated. Most casualties are linked to the tsunami that came inland with waves of 10m in some areas. Some dams have burst and there seems to be a nuclear leak in Fukushima (supposedly small) and they are evacuating people away from the power plant… It feels like the end of the world. Most of the stores that were selling food are empty as of last night already. I am not sure transportation will be re-established to start work on monday in Tokyo.

    I was at work when it hit and it was quite a sight to hear people shouting and jumping under their desks with helmets on. I bolted pretty quickly when they said there was a fire in the building (turns out it was a false alert but did not wait check that). There were cracks in the walls when I was in the stairwell getting out with speakers hanging out of the walls. Not sure my building will be deemed safe to go back to comes monday.

    There were at least 2 avalanches that I know of that were triggered by the various quakes in the region of tokamachi (niigata), but not sure about victims.

    All my thoughts go out to those who were not as lucky as us.

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    Scary stuff. Glad to here your family is safe. So many others weren’t. Keep the updates coming as you see fit.

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    Good to hear you are safe SC.
    It was a nightmare to get back home for me too.
    Good thing that the internet didn’t go down and was able to contact everyone immediately. We are lucky to be at a “safe ” distance from the earthquake and damage was not big in Tokyo. My biggest concern now is the nuclear plant. If that thing blows we become Chernobyl…

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    Glad you’re ok too Tsonda.
    although it was not 8.9 in Tokyo it still knocked my socks off. Looks like the Northeast is a nomansland now.
    Food slowly finding its way back on the shelves in the combinis.
    Shuto seems to be opened as well now and looks like most train lines will be up by monday.
    Most of the damages in Tokyo seem to be cosmetic: plaster, windows, etc… Seems it held up well.

    Apparently the earthquakes broke loose some large cornices that triggered large avalanches in the Yuzawa area and the ski resorts are closed due to the avy danger. I was told the road between Yuzawa & Nozawa was cut off by a large avalanche…

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    Yeah I heard that too.

    I was actually planing a trip to Zao next weekend. 🙄

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    The last explosion at the nuclear power plant in Fukushima does nto inspire confidence. Apparently some cesium leaking out into the atmosphere…

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    I have a good friend in Christchurch and he was in the thick of things there. And now this one, scary stuff! I feel for you guys, hang in there!

    After much research, experimentation and consideration, I have decided adulthood is not for me. Thank you for the opportunity.

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    Thanks man.

    this thing is going from bad to worse. The situation at the nuclear plant does not inspire the least bit of confidence… Fingers crossed.

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    I have left Japan and taken the family out of there.
    I am now in the good old US of A where I feel very much relieved.
    Sadly no mountains nearby and crappy weather here in upstate NY 🙂

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    Glad to hear you are out of the immediate danger zone. Hopefully they will get this under control in the next 24hrs. I agree though, it doesn’t look good.

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    Man, that is one scary and sad situation. My heart goes out to the folks affected by this tragedy. We had a small surge from the tsunami down here in Santa Cruz, and it sank a few boats in the harbor. But when you look at that footage, and then watch the footage from Japan… well it puts things in perspective.

    FYI here’s a link for how you can help.

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