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    After a long week of work I needed a break! The weather here on the coast has been providing snow in good consistent dumps. After watching the webcam all week I knew exploring a new area would be a good plan.

    We loaded up left Vancouver at 6am. It was good can’t believe it is only November.

    For a full report check out


    A little tip for you seeing as this is your first post here (n00b)….linking to your blog is completely acceptable as long as you give us a taste of the goods (copy/paste a section) in the forum as well.

    oh…..sorry, where the f*ck are my manners, WELCOME!!


    Thanks for the welcome and yes, I realize now I should have actually included some info and photos. I just couldn’t help myself and I was just excited to post and share. So here it is!

    Winter has arrived! This week’s trip was to Thar Peak. Having heard this is a good area and only skiing the nearby Needle Peak, it was about time to explore some more of the Coquihalla. Man was it worth it! The pitch of the area is more consistent than Needle Peak but with a slightly longer approach.

    The COQ has snow!! About 125cm of it in fact. We were greeted with 30cm of light density snow and quickly realized that it was going to be a great early season day. Despite the -10 degree Celsius conditions the sun warmed our souls. Great open glade skiing. The sun was cooking the lower 500 ft of the run. But the first 1000 ft was as good as it gets!

    Having never skied here before it was a challenge finding the best descent route. We ventured too far skier’s right nearing the end and had to billy goat alder at the bottom.

    Area Rating:
    Ski Quality: Steep fall line skiing with nicely spaced trees and plenty of hallways!
    Ease of Access: 2.5 hr drive from Vancouver on the highway
    Crowd factor: We were solo on Thar itself but 6 other people in the area


    looks like you had a great day. i’m headed to needle ridge this weekend with the vancouver alpine club. i know it’s been dumping but i hope we get some of the sun you got…


    Thar peak was one of the first real tours I ever did on a splitboard…sweet!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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