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    Hi. I’ve just posted a topic asking for advice on my next acquisition, but I hadn’t even posted a thanks for all the advice and help I’ve received to finish my first DIY. The stuff I found in previous posts were invaluable, and everyone I sent messages to for specific questions were great so thanks. It made making both mine and my friend’s DIY possible, and almost easy.

    So I ended up splitting my very much loved 2006 Atomic Rapture 156. Probably my favorite board ever, it was very used (probably over 100 days before being put into semi-retirement), and it was my only available board in NZ to split. Having not ridden it for about 3 years before the project probably increased my opinion of the board, remembering the good (super fun, poppy, not bad in pow) and not the bad (I beat the HELL out of it). But without a choice that didn’t really matter… sort of.

    My kit was sent over from California from the states (along with the special drill bit sizes that aren’t in metric). I had my board cut by a waterjet, but they didn’t know what they were doing so I had to fix some of their work (wobbly cut as they ran out of garnet 2/3 through the cut and had to re-start) and I think I lost too much for the method (probably 2-3mm). I told my friend about an awesome cheap method I saw posted here where the kid used a hand saw to cut his, and sure enough he finished his cut 30 minutes later the same way. I think his initial cut was straighter and took less material than mine.

    But after that it went kinda well. I borrowed a dremel and cut a channel into the center cut, and made an epoxy sidewall (4-5mm max, probably 3mm at the ends). I like it, I don’t have to worry about waterproofness.

    I installed the DIY kit, and used wood screws on the center touring bracket holes and the rear heel riser holes to reduce tnuts, and I didn’t use the ptex discs. I tried out smoothing the epoxy with the dremel, and it seemed to work (but I might have broken the dremel in that process, we’ll see what the repair man says). And I added K-clips, which I really love on my DIY. Might not need them on all boards (my friends hooks hold great) but I think with my initial cut done by someone else and it didn’t turn out perfect, they were a life saver.

    I’ve also added bungee tail clips to my Voile skins (and an extra rivet) and made a touring bracket pin for ride mode.

    Biggest positive: I made a fucking splitboard. And now I can go up the hill without carrying a board.

    Biggest negative: this isn’t a forever board. Half way through my build, I found a small crack in the top sheet to sidewall that’s probably structural and will get worse with skinning. It’s most likely from before I split it – it’s located between the touring brackets and the front pucks, and I found it before I installed the pucks – . but I can’t be 100% sure. But hey, I beat the hell out of this board for years. It still rides, and I coated and tried to push epoxy into the crack, but it will probably die eventually.

    (oh, and this is a short board. I’m a guy, the stickers were for my mother in law who is now a survivor)

    So yeah, thanks again


    Well done Bijan, a wealth of knowledge within this forum and community for sure :rock:

    The upside is you’ll be able to reuse all the hardware on the next one, enjoy!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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