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    Splitboarding is contagious. It only took me one tour to know that I’d be sticking with earning my turns for some time to come. Three season after I was hooked, it was time to lure in a couple more friends. It wasn’t too hard. 😀

    I’ve had a lot slower season this year (working on some projects 😉 ) and I’m still hoping to get out with some old buds soon but until then…

    Rally the troops and check out Onion Valley outside of Independence. Since traveling north to do all my riding I’ve passed by this area way too many times to count. I think it was worth the tour but check out some of these pictures for yourself. Our group consisted of Yobart, Dutch Marcos, Yeti from spokane and myself. Dutch had to roll up from the beach 🙄 thru aweful traffic but soon we hit the high desert and were rolling along.

    We arrive in the parking lot around 10:00 pm…let’s gear up and head out ladies.

    Well soon enough…um…1:30 am we decide to set up camp

    Happy campers…Yeti and Yobart waking up

    Let’s skin

    Up some more


    Yeti draggin the knuckles

    Flying Dutchman

    Hmmm…we need to get up way earlier next time.

    Butter, chili and lime with my corn…trying to push my chosen dimensions. The board holds edge real nice.

    Swingset in our playground

    Heading up for another quick lap…my new board is skinning well.

    To steep and thin to skin

    Dutch Marcos



    That was it for riding…time to head out. We get back to camp, gather our gear and head back down to the parking area.

    I’ll try to add a couple more scenic shots of the terrain later.
    Perhaps the other guys may chime in.

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    Right on mtnrider! 8)

    Way to recruit, get out there, and tear it up. 🙂

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    and you didn’t even bring your sleds. I’m impressed.

    Nice ridin.

    “Hmmm, I think I’m gonna drop this”

    The board looks sweet.

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    yeah it was a fun spot. I’d like to hit it up again but hopefully a little more motivated to get up early.

    Has anyone read “The Last Season” by Eric Blehm. He was editor of Transworld Snowboarding for a bit. This book is about a backcountry park ranger who was based just the other side of the hills from here near Bench Lake…after 28 season in 1996 he disappeared. I just picked it up last night and read 100 pages. If you like “Into the Wild” and that sort it’s a good book, part wilderness part detective book.

    So far the board is holding up real well. I have to put it thru the paces, make sure it holds up.

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    @mtnrider wrote:

    I have to put it thru the paces, make sure it holds up.

    One word…Shasta!

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    Which way did you guys head up from the campground? Towards Robinson lake or Kersarge Peak? I love Onion Valley. You can skin all day , come back to the car fire up the barbque, go to the open bathrooms. Nice Place

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    Yes, P420 I all of us really enjoyed the place. I will definitely be going back. We hiked up the somewhat covered stream up thru by Kearsage Peak. Dutch and I climbed the ridge and looked over in by Golden Trout Lake also.
    Looks like there are some good lines in that canyon too.

    Have you ever been up by Meysan Lake the canyon just south of Whitney Portal?

    The recent Rock Creek TR looks good too 8)

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    Havent been there yet. I have been up the mountaineers route to Iceberg. When I went to onion we headed due south out of the campground between Independance and University Peaks. There is some good stuff back there.

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