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    So i”m curious if anyone has had the same problem I’ve had to date with my Magneto/Tesla based system. I’ve been thru two baseplates in < 15 days and it’s the same problem every time.

    What’s missing/out of sorts in the picture below?
    busted Tesla

    As you can see..two baseplates one last seasons and one this season..both same’s my right binding..and I keep blowing out the outside pin..which it looks like it just pushes back in. I’m curious though if anyone else has had similar issues..
    I’m considering sending both baseplates and the one pin so they can maybe analyse the failure, but I feel goofy having to submit to warranty issues w/in a month of each other..

    Anyway feedback appreciated..(maybe it’s my skinning ;-))..

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    Are those pins just pressfit in? Huh. Figured they’d thread in (which can come with it’s own problems via SS machine screws and aluminum threads.) I wouldn’t hesitate sending them back to Spark. Top notch customer service.

    That was Pontus

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    I think it’s definitely your skinning! Or to be more precise it’s likely to be a touring bracket that isn’t lining up causing excess friction to loosen up those pins. When trying to troubleshoot, you only want to change 1 circumstance out at a time to ensure you have ruled out an idea before going on to the next test. An easy first test would be to try touring with your skis on the opposite side as you normally do so your good left baseplate is used on the ski you would normally have on your right. If the problem follows the touring bracket side (your left binding pin loosens), then it’s causing the problem. If the problem follows the binding, then that’s your problem. It is unlikely that it is the binding IMO. Especially being able to easily replicate the problem with a new base that I am sure Spark checked before sending a warranty replacement. In fact, you may be able to get them to replace the touring brackets with your warranty problem and avoid damaging further equipment and save both you and Spark from wasting time and money in shipping and lost revenue.

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    rughty: That’s kind of what I was thinking since it was the exact same pin this time, and I have two other boards/riders that have not seen this yet. to maniacdave: it does “press in” per se but lets say I can easily push this one back out which jives with Rughty’s thought that I’m getting some rubbing going on…

    Thanks for the thoughts..and yes Spark has AWESOME service..I just sent them a picture the first time and they shipped me a new baseplate w/in a day..

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    My mates in Japan has this very same problem last year, check out the thread that I started here about it:

    After reading your report, I’m a bit disappointed that this problem is still occurring. The press-fit design is not very robust from a structural standpoint and lacks a fail-safe mechanism to prevent the pins from falling out. We did receive replacement plates from Spark, but no feedback nor response on why this problem was re-occurring to us (4x in the span of a month!).

    Matt Wood
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    I picked up some afterburners from the Venture fire sale and have the same issue. The pin never came all the way out but pounding it in with a leather man far from the TH was unnerving. So far it hasn’t moved again. Looks like if you remove the plastic part on the toe ramp a pin could get you home.

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    I think there’s a number of us who have this problem. However, say the pin dropped out in the bc and it was lost for good. How would you rig up a way to get home?

    Matt Wood
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    I haven’t fiddled with it but if you removed the plastic spacer it looks like a pin could be slid in. One side only and presumably some duct tape or something would be needed to hold it in place. IDK but it helps me sleep at night;)

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    A buddy of mine dropped a pin and luckily had some bailing wire to allow him to tour back up before dropping to the car. The bailing wire does a number on the surfaces but it allowed him to not have to boot out.

    I know Spark had some tolerance issues which was causing this in the beginning, but from the other posts it sounds like some replacements may be failing as well. I’m surprised no one has drilled horizontally through both the baseplate and pin and installed either a roll pin or threaded it so it could be secured. This would at least give you a fail safe before the binding fails.

    Matt Wood
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    I was thinking of having a motorcycle racer friend saftey wire them.


    No issues here with the pins coming out, but i have been burning up the brass bushings. Been thru at least 4 sets of bushings on my2 setups(rock board and daily driver) Spark has been great at getting me replacements though! Guess they dont design them to take 100+ day touring crowd 😉

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    100+ days touring?!?! DY-NO-MITE!

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