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    Just wondering about current recommendations for a tent/wood stove combo. I’ve looked at various ti-stoves and some floorless tipis, but would love to hear from the crowd about your experiences and current set-ups. Thanks in advance. Peace

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    Cool thread! I have one of these setups on the short wish list. My only experience with a hot tent is just being able to mess around with a Titanium Goat stove. It was their smallest model, and it was really damn cool. A friend’s friend was showing it off when I stopped by. He bought it for fall camping during hunting season. His plan was to use the stove in a modified cheap floored-tent with the intent to upgrade to a TiGoat floorless tipi. A follow-up on this is needed.

    I want their smallest version tipi and stove. For about 4 pounds, you can have a warm shelter and carry less sleeping bag.

    As an alternative to #vanlife, one of these setups could be a super-stealth way to live on the road.

    Here’s a few links to some cool stuff:

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    I have a Sierra designs pyramid that I fitted with a homemade titanium wood stove. I will probably end up buying a LiteOutdoors stove as my design had some flaws. I found that the bigger the stove, the less frequent you have to keep feeding it so I will be getting the XL model. The shelter worked great as long as you could dig down to open up the space a bit.

    There’s a lot of hassle involved with the whole process so it will probably only be used for a group cook tent or basecamp type situation. It’s really nice to be able to dry your gloves at the end of the day but it’s also a bit of work to keep it going for an entire evening.

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    Thought I could post a pic but it’s not cooperating.

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