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    I’m thinking about trying teleboots, either the Scarpa t3 or t2 with voile tele bindings on a Prior Khyber. Any thoughts on a tele setup, i read lots on the AT setups but not much on the tele setup on the board. Any feedback is greatly apreacited. thanks.

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    did you get any info on how teleboots work?


    I have used old t2’s (probably about 9 years old light/dark blue) teleboots with volle teleplates on my split decision… I have never really been a hard-booter before… so it took a little getting used to… lot less forgiving… but after using them a while, they worked fine… I would recommend the mountain plate over the tele plate… much easier to get into cause the clamp is on the front, rather than the back…. I always had kind of a tough time gearing up on steep slopes.

    but like i said… I don’t come from a carving board background… I have buddies that always use carving boots with their split… not sure how the tele’s would compare…



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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