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    guess i posted this in the wrong section the first time. im loking for some thoughts on this trying teleboots, either the Scarpa t2 or garmont synr-g with voile tele bindings on a Prior Khyber. Any thoughts on a tele setup, i read lots on the AT setups but not much on the tele setup on the board. Any feedback is greatly apreacited. thanks. i’m just thinking about making the wswithc to the hardboot side, form what i have read it sounds worth checking into.

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    If you are going to go plastic…why go tele over AT? They typically don’t hike as well as an AT boot due to the duckbill. You could also run into toe drag problems. That’s just my .02 but I have never actually used a tele boot for snowboarding. I don’t think too may other folks have either.

    Don’t let me discourage you though. Maybe you can demo a pair before plunking down the cash?

    Good luck! 🙂

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    thanks BCR,

    No real reason for tele over AT other than cost, i was planning on picking up a pair of tele boots for the resort riding and was looking to not have to spend more money on boots to try a hard boot setup. Saw that Voile had a tele plate setup, so i might check that out. i’ll let you know if and when i give it a try as you bring up some good points about possible toe drag issues. thanks for the input.

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    I had considered this wth my Scarpa T1’s…but when i held them up to the board at the angles id ride, the duckbill stuck WAY over! If you really wanna ride plastics and dont wanna buy AT boots on top of the Teles you already have, you could always pick up a pair of Bishop Bomber Tele Bindings and cut off the duckbill cause you dont need it there….but thats a pretty silly option…but would definately work…if ya dont mind spending the money on those binders…. 🙄

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    I have both tele and AT boots.

    The tele boots hike much better due to the fact they have the bellows. I also cut the duckbill off to eliminate drag. I left just enough for crampons and the ability to still tele with them.

    The AT boots are better if I know I am going to be doing a lot of skiing. But otherwise they are too stiff and too big. I hate them when I have to walk.


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    Tele boots?Are you guys snowboarders? Fix the heel fix the problem.

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    @bourgeois wrote:

    Tele boots?Are you guys snowboarders? Fix the heel fix the problem.

    Umm, yes IM A SNOWBOARDER. But i also telemark. Its fun and i like it.

    While we are throwing around catchy phrases…

    “Free the heel, free the problem” or somthing else gay like that…. 🙄

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    i allways thought a tele boot like this would be cool for a split:

    it looks like it has an external highback thing and a PMB hinge so it would be good and flexy in the right places. allthough at about $700, you can count me out.

    i will probably allways ride softboots though, due to the duck stance.

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    you will love riding plastic on a split. Use the old T1 boots prior to 2000. Cut the bill off, enjoy the walk function during the approach lock it down during the descent. The belows will keep in comfy and the slightly stiff ankle will provide stability. If you want optimal performance use the Scarpa F1 randonee boot.

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    thanks guys for the tips. I think it’s something that’s i’m going to jump into, i’ll have to get my boots dialed in. As for the tele vs softboot vs snowboard and all that jazz, I say one thing…. I think that everyone got into going to the BC becuase they wanted more, and weather it’s split, tele, AT or just plain snowshoeing it doesn’t matter as long as you enjoy your turns. Thanks again for the tips.

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    one last correction, In my last post i said thanks “guys” but I quickly realized I shoudl be saying to to “all” that posted as can not forget about the women out there. especially the ones that will kick my ass in the BC.

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