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    For those of you who are using tech binding for hardboot splitboarding, do any of you use binding leashes while in tour mode similar to skiers? Have you ever accidentally popped out of a toe piece when traversing some gnar?


    Here’s an earlier thread I started awhile back on leashes and other stuff.

    Long story short, I bought the leashes referenced in the linked thread but haven’t used them. Still internally debating…

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    I dont use them and dont know anyone that does. If your using dynafit toe pieces you can fully lock them in by pulling the lever all the way up and I have never had a ski come off. If you dont put it in the fully locked (tour) mode thats a hole different story as just a little bit of rotation can pop you out.


    I use the superlight dynafit toe piece provided by phantom und recently, for the first time, one ski came off on really hard snow (in the resort). Maybe I closed it not properly by accident… But I was really happy about my leashes I use since last season.

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    Thanks everyone. I use the Superlight 2.0 toe pieces with my TLT5 boots. I did have one situation where my ski came off. I was on pretty flat snow, and soft. I was thinking I just wasn’t in all the way or something but I wasn’t totally sure so I thought I’d see if it had ever happened to you. I know that skiers use the leashes but more for the purposes of keeping track of a ski after a crash.


    I don’t ride tech bindings but if I did, I think I’d use them not locked out with a leash that would break at around 40 to 50 pounds in case I screwed up and started an avalanche skinning up some ridge I never should have. Or in the Utah scenario, someone dropped a slab over me. Seems like release is one of the systems advantages.


    I do not use leashes. I have come out of the superlights twice stomping in an edge while side hilling firm snow. I managed to catch my ski and stop my slide in both instances.


    I do not use leashes.

    Note, with a free heel you will never want to use the Dynafit toes unlocked, they will pop right out with the slightest force. Even locked they will still release around (approximately) DIN 10 or so.

    If you have problems with Dynafit toes releasing even when locked (and it does happen) you toe levers are probably worn, Dynafit (Salewa NA in America) can provide new toe levers and they are easy to replace. The green toe pieces are better than the red ones at a very slight weight penalty, I am using those mostly now.

    One other thing, you can put a thin shim under the tip of the toe piece baseplate (perhaps .2-.4 mm or so) to make the lock a bit stronger, the green toe pieces actually come with a plastic shim for just this purpose.

    Perhaps someone doing a lot of aggressive split skiing might want leashes, especially if a skin less split ski could disappear into the abyss… But I still do not know of anyone using leashes.


    I keep my leashes with my ski crampons, if I’m in conditions that warrant crampons then I put the leashes on. I’ve had dynafits pop off a couple of times. I had a pair of B&D breakable leashes until my better half broke one somewhere along her volcano tour. I guess I don’t use leashes enough to warrant replacing the broken one yet but I will soon.


    Been riding the dynafit tech bindings for 11 seasons and have never used leashes. Only time I’ve had an issue with a potential for a runaway was when i neglected to lock the toe into touring mode.


    Thanks everyone. I think I’m convinced that they probably aren’t needed as long as they are locked out .


    I don’t think you’d need them. I have a DIY telemark setup with Dynafit toes, and if you lock it it won’t release even with a free heel. If it does, you’ve not locked it or you have ice in your tech inserts. That sometimes happens.

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