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    Just a short TR to report. Needed to get out and lucky for me my housemate that skis AT was itching to get out too. With the avy conditions dropping to low with pockets of moderate, we decided to do a quick hit on Tamarack Peak, before the gale force wind that was expected came in. This is a short 1500 vert run, round trip in less than two hours.

    Skin up was pleasantly enjoyable, and stayed hidden out of the wind that was starting to kick up. As we neared the top, we discussed doing Hourglass on the NE aspect, but thought better because of the potential for wind transported snow. Good thing too, as we found out later it had slid the day before due to a skier triggered cornice collapse.

    Top of the run, just under the clouds.

    Quick vid. First 1:53 is Rose Knob my house mate on the previous day (I was riding with the family that day) and the second part is from Tamarack on 3/27. The first pitch is decently nice, then there’s a bit of a flat section before one more short steep pitch. Snow up top was soft, but getting a little firmer as the wind started to scour it. Lower down it was nice an powdery though.

    All and all a nice little day out sneaking in under the weather.

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    Thx for the fix :thumpsup:

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