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    OK – this is my first TR. It’s barely worthy but it was a big day for some rookie splitters and hopefully you’ll enjoy a few pics of Tallac. It was our first time up – we were in awe of the place.
    I tried to rally the Santa Cruz Split-Heads but they had other commits. So, mid week, I trolled for partners and SanFrantastico took the bait – meet you at 5:15 in Walnut Creek – it was dark but SF was ready and “stoked”. I had Google-Earth images in hand, new GPS, a healthy dose of JimW posts, I was DIALED. 🙄

    We spied Tallac from the road – crap it looked big 😯 we were intimidated. We had images of gulping Guiness at 2:00 8) – images that would quickly fade.

    Got all geared up, had a short skin to the trail head (those roads I figured would be plowed were not), and soon were headed up “Sweat Hill” – aptly named – we were roasting immediately. Tallac just ahead – untracked as far as we could see.
    The views on the way up we’re incredible to us. Hey wait a minute! – is that an avalanche? Nice to see the beast from far away – West – but the image would weigh on our minds.

    Finally on top, we thought, ” Hey, let’s check out The Cross ” Holy crap! 😯 I recognized the drop from a pic JimW posted. Got closer – looked like an elevator shaft covered in snow to me! How about the “easy” way in – someone was thinking about it.

    They weren’t just thinking… 1st tracks down, and it was 2:00

    Now I know what you are all thinking – Go for it Brah!!!! We decided to go for lunch – salmon bagel for me, fried chicken for SF (“Not KFC!”) Even after seeing someone make it down, we decided to take the easier way down – North Bowl – and start collecting courage for next time, after all, it was our 1st time and we hoped, not our last time.

    SanFrantastico cruzin’


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    Steve! Way to go! Looks like you guys hit it on a great day… nice and sunny, good snow, not too many people. Looks pretty filled in. I bet the Cross and Babycham are nice! How was the snow in the bowl and the rest of the way down? Isn’t Tallac a great place?? So many lines.

    Guiness tastes just as good at 5 PM! 🙂

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    Thanks, Steve! Couldn’t have asked for a better time -sunny skies, 20″ of fresh powder, and one of the classic backcountry peaks. There are a million fun lines up there and I’d love come back and ride them all.

    jimw – North Bowl itself was wind hammered and the snow at the very bottom was refreezing, but there were a few thousand feet of really nice powder in between. 🙂 Never has Guiness tasted so good!

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    Way to get after it. I’ve been wanting to hit up Tallac since I started lurking on bc forums 5 or 6 years ago. You f’ers beat me too it. Good on ya.

    PS- Steve- Preview is your friend.

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    Nice first Trip report Steve! Way to hit it. I guess the surf in San fran must be sucking, you got SanFrantastico out of the water and on the hill . Good Job. Now who and when is taking me to this “MT Talac”?

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    P420 – I have a new system now… I snowboard after the big storms instead of surfing. I’m getting a lot more stoke and a lot fewer sinus infections. I didn’t surf at all this March. 😀 You have a standing invitation up here whenever you can make the trip!

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    Eco-Brad – man i used preview a million times on my home pc – it didn’t look too bad. Now I check it from a different pc and the pics all grew! Next time i’ll try it in a couple places before I post. Steve

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    Way to get on it Steve & SF! Rockin TR, too. Sorry I couldnt make it up there this weekend. I’ve been itching to check out Tallac from day 1. It might have to wait for next season, though. 8)

    SF, dont blame ya for not surfing. I havnt been out all March, either, and I’m short walking distance to the ‘point. None of these big storms have carried much surf and rain == sick city… mmmmm fecal coliform… I might have to take a break from splitting and spend some time on the North coast this April.

    Ya know guys.. You can guarantee 2pm Guiness if you haul it up with you. 😈


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    Way to get after it! Tallac looks like one sweet mtn.

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    Same shitty , wind blown ,chopped up shit infested surf down here. Cool, now I dont feel so bad for staying out of the water in March

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    Next time i’ll try it in a couple places before I post.

    Man, I was just giving you a hard time. No worries.

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    Nice work guys! Aint she a beauty. 8)

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