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    i’m not sure this is worthy a TR of it’s own, but sluffer sent me a link to a cool little vid he made of the day.

    the poacher had looked at this line last spring on his way else where. a week ago bananasplit and i has stummbled across it when conditions were not quite what we wanted them to be.

    so it was that our little band of clown wandered out to have a little look.

    I did not even know sluffer was shooting this till we got to the top. all done on a $20 point and shoot. not too bad.

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    WOW.. really good for a 20$ recorder. Sweet looking line too.

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    nice job adrian. Things like that never look that steep on camera, but I can tell by the way your buddy was skiing that it was pretty steep.

    I can’t believe you let the pole dancer go jump turn down it first!

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    thanks wilkez. the poacher saw it first. you know 😉

    it’s not that steep, theres just a tight little crux right where you ride out if sight which kept you wanting to be in control.

    I might have overstated the cost of that camera. but still, good editing goes a long ways.

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    you’re right jordie rips. how much was left after you both destroyed that?

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    here’s another link to a little video dozer made last year of two fat old guys riding pow. check it out.

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Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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