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    Hi guys
    Take a look at this T-3 splitboards.


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    I don’t know what happened with my nick 😯 , this post was posted by me. 😉

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    ehhhhhh 🙄 ??

    To many parts for my tastes. and the other question?


    when i go out w/ skiing partners they love the blvd. we splitters lay down, free beers to he who breaks trail.

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    Looks like the perfect hard surface climbing machine, wait why do we climb up in the first place? Is it really that bad over there?

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    no … don’t worry! it isn’t that bad over here! 😉
    most of european splitters use the “classic” splitboard (topseller is voilé). and we have fun! 8)

    but nevertheless the t3 respectively a 3-part split can have it’s advantages in icy spring conditions. but the whole setup of the t3 has imho too much weight.
    on you can find the DIY 3-part split built by nickname “burton”. he uses parts of the voile-system. I guess some pics by his boards have already been posted here …
    click here, a special edition with dynafit’s:

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    Jogi, Glad to hear it, I have always been so impressed with the length of vertical drops in Europe. Here is a question. What is one of the longest, most consistently steep descents in the Alps that faces north and is not a couloir?

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    buaaahhh… sorry scooby2, I’m not all knowing … 😕
    ask here: 😉

    maybe the run through the crevasses of the mer de glace from the aguille du midi at chamonix/france with app. 19 km and app. 2000 m vertical drop.

    or la grave/france and the la meije glacier:

    I’m sure there are some more!

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    Mer de glace is really long, but it isn’t very steep for the most part. Parts of it are almost flat, just angled enough to keep you going. It is quite incredible though…

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